8 Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Reading In Your 20s

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When I first created my account to start my blog in 2018, needless to say, I had no clue what I was actually doing. On one hand, the only experience I had making a website was one I had done as part of a Digital Publishing assessment during my Journalism degree.
A fully designed website with three articles on it seemed like a task back then, but that travel site I created as a way to share my experience coping with life abroad, prompted me to start a full-on lifestyle blog, which of course is the one you’re reading right now.

My introduction to blogging came with little to no experience, research, a ton of trial and error, a few surprises, and random purchases I often quickly regretted. I edited and edited, gave up and started over weeks later, wrote to experts and help forums and waited for assistance to come my way as quickly as possible. Sometimes, it was all hands on deck, others, it was all hands tied behind my back.

Funny enough, it was other blogs that thought me how to create and write a blog. I analysed the pages and images and highlighted both the things I liked and the ones I didn’t necessarily appreciate. I began to read more and more web pages and I went on random searches for new bloggers and writers. So, if you are getting into blogging or would like to read a bit more, I have compiled a list of a few below that I feel you should keep tabs on this year.

Let’s begin…

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The Little Plum.

I feel like this one is my absolute favourites on the list – period. Chloe Plumsted, the writer of The Little Plum, does it absolutely right in my opinion. From aesthetics down to imagery, her blog looks pretty cohesive when you look at the big picture, but when you zoom in to actually read her writing, that’s where the silver lining really is.

She tackles all the awkward and embarrassing things you probably think about more often than you’d like to admit, but the best part of everything is she puts you in all the pictures she wants you to see.

I genuinely feel like when I’m reading her blog, I’m in a corner watching it all play out or that she’s somehow watching me and depicting a different range of emotions or situations I’ve felt and been in. Also, I feel like she writes incredible think pieces about all the things I constantly have big questions about.

Check out:

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My Blurred World.

When I began writing about disability, I found myself often struggling to put certain truths out there because frankly, I had rarely ever seen it being done before. For that reason, coming across Elin’s blog was extremely comforting in a certain way. She writes about her day-to-day experiences as a vision-impaired person among other topics including fashion, beauty and just life in general.
I love blogs that don’t shy away from candidness and I feel like this one has the amount of honesty I’m often searching for.

Check out:

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There hasn’t been a new post on Samio’s blog in a little while now, but, in hopes she returns to writing soon, I’m adding her blog to this list.

I feel like she is the blogger I aspire to be like in terms of imagery, but something tells me that’s going to take a long while! All of her pictures look like they are fresh out of an editorial or a high-end magazine feature article, and as a blogger myself, I can’t help but be in awe. She also has some super relatable pieces on there too.

Check out:

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Sophie Milner.

Formerly known as Fashion Slave, Sophie’s lifestyle blog is perfect for every 20-something trying to find her way in the world. The blog which started out as a journalism university project where she wanted to share fashion tips and outfit ideas, eventually became a successful lifestyle blog that tackles women’s issues.

With the recent changes made to her blog, Sophie now aims to take on more social commentary and controversial topics as well as continuing to write about love, travel and so much more.

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Moss Onyi.

About this time last year, I was sitting across the table from Onyi Moss at a Starbucks Coffee in Manchester city centre. She wore a bold red lipstick and ordered a cup of tea, and I got to interview her as part of a project for my university degree.

Prior to that, I was already a huge fan of her blog anyway, but getting to meet and talk to her helped shaped my view on the blogging industry and on what it’s really like behind the scenes. Ever since then, her blog has continued to grow rapidly and she also took home the award for Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer of 2019.

Check out: 

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Alice Catherine.

Her blog has a sort of vintage feel to it that just can’t be missed. Alice Catherine, based in Manchester, does it right when it comes to the whole blogging thing because I truly get a unique feeling whenever I hit enter on the URL of her blog.
Maybe it’s the way her writing is so spot-on and direct, or maybe it’s her fashion sense that gets a front-row seat on all her posts. Her writing on the blog is vast and covers a wide range of topics from fashion to music, female health and much more.

Check out:

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Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis in picture looking away

The Insecure Girls’ Club.

Liv started The Insecure Girls’ Club as an Instagram page years ago; a candid platform where conversations of all sorts are had and can be shared without fear of judgement. It was a page where women from all walks of life could come together to share their fears, embarrassing stories, friendship struggles, and dare I say it – insecurities.

It was a page I followed instantly as I was already a big fan of Liv’s personal blog and writing ever since I discovered her.
The Insecure Girls’ Club evolved within a couple of months and now has a website to go with it. What I love the most about the feature section is that it is open to contributions from writers and readers as well. Because of this, there’s a wide range of topics to read about and discuss regularly and it feels more and more like a community with so many different voices to be heard.

Check out:

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Over 10 years ago, Michelle, a British Chinese based in London, started her lifestyle blog. I discovered her sometime last year after I read a post she wrote about interracial relationships and was instantly seriously hooked. I related to her experiences and difficulties when living in between two different cultures. Her blog isn’t only race-related though; she also writes about books, fitness and wellness, careers and more. 

Check out:

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So, there you have it; my picks for blogs you should keep your eyes glued to this year. Have you read any of them? Which would you suggest I check out? Let me know in the comments below.

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