ON SECOND THOUGHT – Life Should Be Celebrated

Over at my house, today is a bit of a special one. There’s giddiness and cheer in the air; spirits are high and laughter is easy. It’s my mum’s birthday today!

There’s something about birthdays that just rubs me the right way. I’ve always loved the idea of marking a new age, mine or that of others, with celebratory plans and secret endeavours, big or small. Birthdays have stuck with me closely throughout my life. There were many that shaped my childhood and taught me a lot about the pleasurable feeling of an invitation, but also the sad aftermath of not being handed one. We all love an invitation, don’t we, even the ones we never planned on going to at all.

I love late-night dinners and midday lunches, gift unwrapping and surprise attendees you haven’t seen in ages. There is nothing that makes me happier than that moment in the middle of a meal with a large group of people surrounding a table; that perfect moment when everyone has gotten familiar and comfortable, where jokes slip out thoughtlessly and there’s no ounce of awkwardness in the air. That moment when for a moment you escape your body, breathe the bliss right in and pray earnestly that the time will pass in slow motion.

Of course, days like the ones I just described might feel far behind us at this point in time. I mean, it’s 2020 which is explanation enough, but for all of us, things are a bit different this year. The idea of a big gathering feels foreign to me now and human contact is often something I now contemplate in my head when I step outside, but it’s hard to not think back to our simpler days. You know, far back down in 2019.

One thing I learnt this year is that sometimes you have to create your own happiness. It is super easy to get tangled up with the mess of the world, but if you’re counting on life to throw only the good your way, I’d say that’s a little naïve.
This year has been all about trying to find the silver lining between the clouds even when it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s been a lot about taking in the little wins whilst letting go of bigger loses, but it’s also been about searching for reasons to celebrate too.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet today as I go join in on the fun, but here’s your reminder to celebrate. Blast your music loud today and dance till your feet hurt. Order a cake for no reason and eat it all just because you can. Pamper your body, mind and soul with only the good for a day. Reflect on the things you gained lately; even the smallest wins count. Do at least one thing your hectic weekday schedule doesn’t allow you space and time to do – it’s Sunday, you have no excuse!
Truth is you can only treasure it while you have it, so remember to celebrate your life and that of those you love. You might not think you have a reason to right now, but maybe you don’t always need one to start.

p.s. Happy Birthday Mum xx

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