Rachy’s Radar | Monthly Media Roundup – November 2021

Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis

Somehow, this thing we got here is becoming a monthly affair. It’s like the writer in me comes around every now and then like a ghost on a cold evening, hangs around for a short while and then runs away before I get the chance to pounce on her and lock her up in my pocket. She’s like a visitor in her own home, and frankly, I don’t understand why she’s been roaming around and wandering aimlessly when she’s actually got a safe place to go back to. Well, she’s in town now, so let’s enjoy this whilst we can…

November, huh? It was a quiet month, the type that didn’t hold any stand-out memories, but rather one that will be remembered in turbulent emotions and clumsy feelings.

I’ve been in hibernation this year, and no matter how hard I’m shaken I just can’t seem to wake up. My eyes are constantly aching to close, and I’ve been overwhelmed with a kind of tiredness I’ve never felt before; one that doesn’t seem to go away even after months of rest or painfully wishing it away. It seems I’m not the only one though. I’ve seen many express how their same state of mind mirrors mine all over the internet and whilst I wish it wasn’t the case, I can’t help but feel relief and comfort knowing my emotions are not alien to the rest of the world. Misery loves company, right?
There is a sense of guilt that’s stashed up in my feelings. I feel like I should be in a better place now like I should have figured it all out by now and I should be coming back to you with a stronger and wiser version of me rather than one whose list of complaints could be stored in a book. But I’m a bad liar when I write so I guess I can add that to the list of things I’m not doing quite right…

Nonetheless, the few things that kept me sane and entertained are the reason why you clicked on the post today. I’ll try to make this one short and sweet so let’s get into it!


You (S3).

My cousin called at least three times this month to ask if I had finally watched the third season of You and I’m sure he’ll be pleased to know I’m about two episodes away from what I’m sure will be a mind-blowing finale. Somehow, I’ve managed to avoid all spoilers but so far, the show continues to brilliantly toy with my emotions and I don’t hate it one bit.
The storyline continues to be gripping and chilling, the dialogue smart and the acting brilliant. Since I have not seen the ending, you’ll have to wait even longer for my next roundup for my thoughts on it (sorry!), but if the last two seasons are to serve as a blueprint, I’m certainly in for a killer surprise!

Red Notice.

Fun fact, I love a good action-comedy and when I saw the trailer for Red Notice a few months back, I knew for sure I’d be sitting on my couch sometime in November laughing my ass off – I was right about that! With undeniable chemistry between the A-lister actors, the movie was high budget, enjoyable and frankly, hilarious as hell. Oh, that twist at the end though – should have seen it coming but didn’t.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast.

I honestly did not know this special was out until I saw it whilst scrolling through Netflix one evening, hence decided to watch it. Overall, it was an easy watch, definitely star-studded. As far as watching the brothers get roasted by their famous friends, my main issue with the special was how predictable the jokes became halfway through. Essentially it quickly became a rotation of different punchlines that give life to the same joke. I can’t help thinking if I were to watch it again, I might find it a little boring.


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Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis


Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware. S12 Ep 5: Emily Ratajkowski

Although I’ve always known about Table Manners, I believe this is the first time the podcast has made it on my radar because after wanting to for too long, I finally pressed play on an episode. The conversation between Jessie, her mum Lennie and the American supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski, was very laid back which I loved. They talked about Emily’s new book, motherhood and of course, mouthwatering food as the title would suggest!

Get Real w/Ashley, Peniel And pH-1. Questioning Our Intelligence With Tablo (Epik High)

The Tablo Podcast was one of my all-time favourites and I listened to nearly every episode when it was still on. I remember being devastated when he announces the podcast would be no more and up till now, and not secretly hope he returns to it. Because of this when Tablo was a guest host on Get Real of course I had to tune in. They talked about intelligence, having it or hiding it and much more.

The Lana Blakley Podcast. Things I Feel Like Complaining About

On my radar for the second time in a row – who knew I’d have a reason to look forward to Tuesdays? Since its release, The Lana Blakley Podcast has become a big part of my weekly routine. I listen to it while editing photos or right before I fall asleep which are the times I prefer to listen to podcasts, so it’s been super easy to add this one to the few I constantly have on rotation.

I especially loved this episode where Lana gave herself the space to complain about the big little things that were plucking the sunlight out of her day. It felt like a good ramble, the kind where you empty out the weight on your shoulder. I reckon it was rather therapeutic.

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