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Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis

Watching January as it wraps up is quite bittersweet. It always feels like that in the genesis of almost anything, because embracing a new phase for what is means letting go of the old. As you know, this year, I decided to take active steps to change my life because I was on a path of self-destruction.
After I outlined my goals and intentions for the year, I wasted no time putting them into action. I’ve been very focused this month and my pursuits have been single-minded.

In the past, January has often felt like the longest month of any season. It would drag on for days and days unwilling to give way to the pending future ahead. This time though feels a little different somehow. Whilst the first days of the year feel so far away now, time also seems to have passed by quite quickly and I wonder if my perception has much to do with how I’ve been filling my days.

I’ve been quite happy with how things have been going lately. Yes, there have been ups, downs and reasons to not smile all the time. The things I struggled with last year did not just disappear or solve themselves either. But I’m also in the best place I’ve been mentally in ages which has actually been rather comforting.

Keeping a gratitude journal has really helped me maintain a positive outlook in life. It wasn’t something I had ever really done before, so when I decided I would be doing it every week this year, I imagined it would be challenging at the very least. My intention was to find the silver linings in my mundane days and treasure them a bit longer. I wanted to ponder upon the little big things that make me even one ounce of happy. I wanted to see the glass half full again and deliberately appreciate them for what they are.

Here are some moments I treasured this week – my special Bitesize Wonders.

  • Waking up before sunrise on the right side of the bed with a fully recharged green bar type energy…
    To morning people, waking up with bouncing energy at the crack of dawn may just be the norm. To switch of a buzzing alarm without snoozing, sit up and stretch both arms out to awaken the sleepy bones in my body, and step out of bed after a quick yawn – this is the morning routine I can only dream of. I’ve never been friendly with mornings and I’m certainly a night owl at heart so waking up before a crack of light in the sky is not something I ever do joyfully.  I woke up on the right side of the bed earlier in the week fuelled with energy that’s only reserved for lie ins on weekends. Perhaps, I had slept earlier than usual the night before or maybe there was something else brewing in the air. Either way, it was rare to feel so good so early and I was grateful.
  • Moments frozen in my camera rolls of togetherness and impromptu quality time with family that will be tattooed in my memory for time to come.
    Last Sunday, after I gave you my list of Bitesize Wonders, my mum, sister, and I went into town together. We stayed out till the late afternoon and the three of us ate out for the first time in a long while. We all have very different schedules during the week, so it was great to carve out the time to intentionally do something nice together. Warmth a jacket cannot give, soft smiles, table talk and black cab rides home. I’ll take that kind of Sunday anytime!
  • A cosy and inviting well-lit restaurant that made me anticipate its full course meals. Even better, the top-tier satisfaction when the content on the plate suited my pick palette perfectly. Good food. Good company. A Good life.  
  • The needle in my arm on a freezing Thursday evening. A pain to wait for the next morning like a bad hangover after a night of bad decisions It’s one I’d gladly endure to keep myself and those around me safe even in the slightest. Somehow, I never know how to properly prepare to be injected no matter how many time I do it, however the nurse who administered the COVID-19 booster jab was fantastic and funny too!
  • Two-hour long conversations on the phone that I would let go on forever and ever. There are people with whom conversations are never boring or dull. Conversations that make me feel understood and enlightened. The kind so easy words roll off your tongue, you smile ear to ear when you talk and not a second feels wasted.
  • Spotify shuffling through songs I actually want to hear back-to-back. Now that’s an abnormal occurrence I do not take lightly!
  • Short evening strolls that make me feel refreshed. Air so cold it infiltrated my winter jacket and I regret not taking gloves like I said I would. I could try to get home faster, but this is doing me good – i know it is.
    My mind calm and decluttering at a slow pace; like a messy room with shelves being rearranged. Aimlessly roaming around and mentally sorting things out one by one, little by little…
  • Vomiting heavy words from my chest and through my lips. As a known pacifist who has struggled for a long time with the art of saying no, it’s often hard for me to say the things I really mean. There’s something so liberating about letting emotions and at times anger overwhelm you to the point where you can no longer bottle things up no more. There is certainly joy in expressing oneself and I felt more at ease for it.

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Photos taken in London, UK

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