Bitesize Wonders 11

I saw a house on fire a couple of days ago. It was the start of a new week or at least it was about to be. I’m a night owl by nature so being up at 2 am on the verge of a Monday morning is not that odd for me. I had just decided to turn the day off and tucked myself into my cosy bed ready to sail off to dreamland. My podcast of choice was playing softly on a 10-minute timer. My head had finally found the right comfortable position on the pillow.
In the corner of my mind, I was dreading my work hours already hoping I’d wake up to a Monday that wouldn’t feel like one. It was about the same time I heard what sounded like a woman’s voice screaming words I couldn’t quite make out from a distance.

I wonder what they’re fighting about at this time of the night”, I thought to myself assuming the chaos was caused by a brawl at my neighbour’s place. I was certain the noise would stop soon. It didn’t.

I noticed a light blinking through my blinds and decided to finally get out of bed to check out what it was. It did not take long for me to process the horrible sight I was witnessing. Right across the street from mine, a couple of rows down there was a house burning down. The flames were high; in the darkness, it looked as though they touched the clouds, and the smoke engulfed the air.

I quickly called the fire services who after confirming my address advised they were already on the way which was a relief. Just a few seconds after their cars were rushing to the scene. In what felt like a couple more seconds, my mum and I watched through the windows as the flames were put out. We were left wondering if there was anybody in that house and if they were okay…

I tossed and turned a little more than usual that night and the scene stayed on my mind the entire week.

It was a reminder of many things. All things we push to the back of our minds so we can live a little lighter. There was much to take note of. I kept thinking about how quickly life can change overnight – literally. Things could be lost forever in an instance. It’s also difficult to face the fact that sometimes you don’t get second chances.

I guess, this week it wasn’t hard to capture Bitesize Wonders because frankly, they were everywhere. Everything that occurred felt like a gift and every outcome a blessing. I started the week with a visual I wish I hadn’t seen, but a reminder to be grateful for where I am in life right now and the things I have. The hardest pill to swallow is that things in life can go up in smoke at any time so nothing can nor should be taken for granted.

As it’s become a tradition on Sundays, it’s time I share some moments of pure joy I noticed, pocketed and appreciated this week. Here are the things that made me even one ounce of happy – my Bitesize Wonders:

  • Mondays that don’t feel like one. The day rolls through without glitches in the way. The hands of the clock move at a steady pace. There’s warmth in the air and I exchange my hoodie for an oversized tee. Up in the clouds is the spring sun, and so is my mood.
  • The smell of bread as it burns in the toaster. A bit of unsalted butter to melt over the top. Two eggs to whisk fervently in a bowl. The temporary cool feel of the carton of milk as it’s grabbed from the fridge in a hurry. The loud bang that follows as the fridge door is shut carelessly. The well-rehearsed routine of dancing feet as they try not to bump into each other in a crowded kitchen – a routine known all too well. Nothing beats breakfast on a day off.
  • The coffee shop stays that turn into prolonged writing sessions. It may not be for everyone, but it sure is this writer’s idea of self-care.
  • New fresh sheets. Not just fresh sheets, but new sheets. Carefully picked out in colour, texture and size. Is my obsession with all things bedding and home décor a sign of real adulthood?
  • Emails that stand out in a crowded thousand. I once told you the truth behind my messy inbox, and I should probably do something about it soon. Sometimes though, a rare title sticks out in the crowd. While I swing from a pendulum of emotions that range from careful anxiety to naïve hope, I’m also finding joy in my future prospects.
  • An excited familiar return to the gym after a week. I told you last Sunday about how I wasn’t feeling 100% and was ill seemingly out of nowhere. Well, after missing my gym session then, I returned to sweating it out and chasing steps on the treadmill and I loved it.
  • An overdue scheduled late-night catch-up with an old friend through my pixelated screen. The long-distance did not hinder the unfiltered oversharing and nostalgic reminiscing. Another reminder that someone out there is always rooting for you even when they’re not close.

What were some moments that made you stop in gratitude? Feel free to share your Bitesize Wonders below.

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