Bitesize Wonders 23

The grass is a little prickly from under the blanket I’m sitting on right now. My sister’s laugh is a little distracting beside me, but I don’t have the heart to tell her to tone it down, the video she’s watching must be worth at least a couple of laughs out loud. The song playing in my headphones still feels as new as a stranger I’m yet to get to know well, but one I’ve met just once before. It’s easily her best one yet, ‘Emails I can’t send’ by Sabrina Carpenter, is the album keeping me company as I come to you with my recent Bitesize Wonders.

How was your week, I wonder? I’m not just asking to be courteous; I really do want to know (spill the beans in the comments)!
Oh mine, you ask?
It was the kind of week that ran fast and away from me in a way. However, I feel as though I still got to enjoy my days to the fullest, which is not something I’d normally confidently say out loud. I can say for a fact I did have a good week!
My week was filled with Bitesize Wonders and enjoyable moments of spontaneous magic. The blue skies played a massive part in elevating my mood and the beaming sunshine pushed me outdoors pretty often.

Continuing to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page is my ongoing mission. To honour that I’ll be sharing the things that made me even an ounce of happy. These were my Bitesize Wonders from the week:

  • A pretty yellow dress and absolutely nowhere to be. The trip from my bedroom to the living room is a short routine one, but at least I look and feel good for the occasion. No reason at all is a good reason to get all dressed up!
  • Watching a beautiful skyline from the comfort of a near-empty moving tram. There’s always something nostalgic about seeing buildings disappear out of plain sight, to be replaced by something new in front. I wonder just who could be living in that house beside the store. I think about the many who work at the very top of that skyscraper. Are they all living a good life too?
  • My plans to have a Hot Girl Summer coming together nicely is something to be grateful for. I finally purchased my flight ticket to Italy and I’m so excited beyond words. The only frustrating thing is I’ll now have something tangible to daydream about during work hours. The days could be painfully slow now…
  • A call from a friend who suggests we head out for a fun night out. I hadn’t seen their lovely face in a while, so saying yes was a no-brainer!
  • As we’re turned away from our first choice, I pat myself on the back for thinking about making a plan B reservation at a different restaurant. Here’s to making plan Bs!
  • Hunger begins to quench with just three bites of the first starter. The fresh-out-of-pan calamari burns my tongue a little, a lot maybe, but I chew on it anyway because I’m rather impatient.
  • Buildings sparkle and glisten on a long walk through the streets of Salford with my sister. The sunny glow also remains on the waters too. At times, I forget there are such beautiful places in Manchester. The accommodating warm weather is a plus!
  • An insightful conversation sowing a seed to so much more. I’ve taken up a new project on the blog I’ll reveal at a later time. Shh! Don’t tell anyone I said so…
  • It was meant to be a dreamy nap that would be two hours long, but I noticed when I awoke the next morning my body had other plans. Not complaining though….
  • New followers on the blog I’m grateful for all year round! Thank you for your support!
  • The stranger that’s headed my way in a crowded street. They stop in their tracks so I slow down too. Then the words they utter leave me just a little speechless; “You are so beautiful! You are the most beautiful person out here this evening”.
    “Well, thank you! That just made my entire day!”

Remember, you can always create moments of pure magic in your life. It doesn’t have to be grand or extraordinary.
“It’s the little things”, they said. “It’s the little things!
Have a great Sunday and a lovely week ahead!

Your restless romantic roamer

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