I’m Back! Let’s Catch Up

Come on in! I hope you love what I did to the place. Let’s catch up, shall we…?
As you can see the little makeover I had in mind when I left you almost a month ago, turned out to be not so little after all. It was a bit strange – to say the least – watching the familiar interface that had housed my vacation photos and clumsy words in the past couple of years disappear by a click of a button.
You’d think it would take a bit of time to sabotage all your hard work right? No. All it takes is a split second, a thoughtless joke or a random encounter… Lucky for me, I was very much ready for a change; in fact, I chose it!

So how did it all come to be, you ask? I waved a wand, sprinkled a little dust here and there, and said a magic word or two. Ta-da!
If only it were that easy…

I won’t bore you with the details that successfully brought me to this point. The research and countless unfruitful google searches, the paradox of choice that had me stuck on minor specificities or the back-and-forth emails that kept me thirsty for answers in the middle of the night. Forget all that! All you need to know really is how much I love the way the blog looks now, and I hope you do too! There’s a lot more colour than we’re used to around here, but I’m certain we’ll get used to that too in no time.

The last time we caught up, I was very much feeling burnt-out with content creation in general.
As many of you will know, I’m not a full-time blogger and my day job already occupies most of my time really, but blogging is something I cannot picture my life without in the last few years. That being said, this year is the first time I’ve been able to blog on a consistent schedule and I guess I was so proud that I didn’t allow myself the space to call a time-out.
It’s no secret running restlessly can cause shortness of breath, running carelessly can cause one to trip and fall, and running aimlessly can lead you in the wrong direction.

Well, I was running indeed – restlessly, carelessly, and aimlessly. In addition, life was doing what it does best, throwing tantrums and destiny-altering dilemmas my way. It was up to me to pick them up and transform them into lessons learnt. Those same lessons I then take, reflect upon and trap with fresh ink on paper or the eager cursor of my pixelated screen.

The last few weeks were naturally mundane in many ways. Some moments went by so fast without leaving a stain on my memory – forgettable, ordinary, out of sight and mind. Others stuck out much more to me, but not in a good way. They were the type to stain deeply like wine that can’t be washed away too easy – stressful, uncomfortable, painful.
On the bright side, as though I bathed in glitter, there were also many moments I won’t be able to shake off so easily. The kind worthy of being kept frozen in a photograph and framed on a wall for all to see. Those moments I hope are remembered forever. Bitesize wonders and little joys that kept me hopeful about tomorrow.
Of course, I’ll be sharing all of these and more with you soon.

Life is a work in progress. For those who are lucky too, we get to keep writing our unpredictable stories till we don’t. So, although I won’t say I have all the answers I needed to find whilst I was away, I know this one thing for sure: I’m so happy to be back!

Your restless romantic roamer

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