4 Podcasts Every 20-Something Should Be Listening To Now

A common thread I’ve been finding amongst all my friends in conversation, is the constant search for a type of guidance or a road map to tell us or better show us the next way to go in our lives. We’re running around in circles trying to catch the next best thing; the next best job, the next best friend, the next best place to live – all this while still trying to figure out where exactly we fit into in the everyday puzzle that life is.

I too I’m on this journey as I previously mentioned and I’m finding the whole idea of being a fully-grown human more complicated than I thought it would be when I was a teen with little to no expectations to live up to. I think that is one of the many reasons why I gravitated towards podcasts; it wasn’t necessarily to find solutions to the million questions I have in my mind, but rather, it was to find other people who had my same questions, and we’re starting and pushing forward conversations about them.
Some podcasts I was drawn to we’re for educational purposes, while others were honestly purely for the entertainment and the giggles I couldn’t contain while I laid in bed or carried on with everyday life.
So, here you go; these are the podcasts I make a cup of tea, set the mood right and sit back to listen to almost on a daily basis:


I want to be superstitious and believe that this podcast came to me at the perfect time; a time I just desperately needed to know that I wasn’t alone in feeling the way I was.
The host is Oenone, and she describes it as a podcast where she tries to figure out what it means to be an adult in this day and age and when we’re supposed to be ‘grown-up’ (if we ever really are). Along with a new guest each episode, she doesn’t shy away from any topic, from money matters to race and diversity as well as dating and mental health.
The podcast does really feel as if you’re eavesdropping on a conversation between friends about issues that affect us way too often than we’d like to share.


Picture of tea cup and ipad showing podcast logo

Probably the first podcast I began listening to and got instantly hooked.
Fronting the show are three women who have no such thing as a filter and spill it the way they feel it. Each episode is a guaranteed laugh as they act like the big sisters you might have never had. They answer all sorts of dilemmas – some of which are weird and unbelievably ridiculous, as well as talk about the new crazy going in pop culture.
This one is sure to suck you in and keep you furiously waiting for the next episode.


I strongly regret not listening to my sister over the last few months as she urged me to listen to this one. After way too long, I finally caved in and gave it my ears, and it couldn’t be any better!
Every episode has me glued to my earphones, waiting to hear the voice say ‘I’m Phoebe Judge, and this is Criminal’. Those words signify that I’ve just gotten to the end of a show that was thrilling to listen to as usual. The show doesn’t merely focus on crime, in the way the title suggests, but it perfectly captures the stories of those who have done wrong or have been wronged, and\or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.


Ever since I had my first crush on a celebrity, I’ve been obsessed with interviews. This might explain why I studied into journalism at university, but I remember watching hours and hours worth of interviews of all the celebrities I was obsessing over at different times in my life. With my eyes glued to the screen, I’d observe the way they talked and the movements they made sat on a couch in front of an audience as well as the whole world through the cameras. I found in university that my favourite part of the whole thing was the interview process and trying to get answers out of the interviewees.
That is the reason why I completely fell in love with Zach Sang and his interview process, first through his YouTube channel and later on, the podcast. He has a way, alongside co-host Dan, of bringing his interviewees down to earth, whoever they may be. Whether it be Ariana Grande or a b-list actress, in the studio with Zach, they all just become people again; people with something to say, people with problems, people that are somewhat relatable.

Some other honourable mentions are Stuff Mom Never Told You, The High Low, Savage Lovecast, TED Talks Daily and so many more I cannot wait to discover.
What podcasts do you listen to regularly? Let me know in the comment section.

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