Rachy Lewis pictured under the hot sun in Italy

Ahh, Ciao! Yes, YOU. I’m Rachy

Welcome to my little slice of the internet – it sure is great to have you!

Around here emotions are shared sugar-free, and the truth gets spilt like a bottle of precious wine accidentally knocked over the kitchen table. Okay… if I’m being honest, I’d call it a bit of conscious mischief rather than a clumsy mistake. Perhaps, there’s nothing I love more than raw feelings overflowing in noir, rosé, white or dark red…

Forgive my late introduction: I’m Rachy, the unapologetically blunt author behind this blog. Curious to know more about me? Here are some things you may not know yet…

How it all began…

After dilly-dallying with the idea for a little too long, it was in September 2018 that I finally let my first blog post out of the draft box. As though I was prophesying, I titled it, ‘Hi, I’m Rachy and It’s Complicated’ – that was spot on! It was a baby step in my life as a blogger and was the first of hundreds more that followed.

At that time, I was nearing the end of my Multimedia Journalism university degree and in need of an outlet to offload my many thoughts, I created one myself.

‘Rachy Lewis’ is by all definitions a lifestyle blog but to me, it’s also a lot more. On the blog, I write in-depth about my life on wheels and how I navigate the world as a disabled woman in her 20s.
In addition, my thoughts become more polished within Think Pieces that don’t hold much back. Not much is left to the imagination whenever I recall my travel adventures through stories that highlight cultural differences and photo diaries that will have you right beside me. And of course, I love to share my Bitesize Wonders too; a digital gratitude journal constantly reminding me that somewhere and somehow there’s always magic in the smallest of things.

A few fun facts about me!

Name: Rachy is just a nickname. You probably guessed it right – it’s Rachael.

Zodiac Sign: Aries


Some guilty pleasure TV shows: Gilmore Girls. Suits. The Bold Type. Vincenzo.  No guilt here!

I can speak: Italian and English fluently, except when I’m mixing them together in overfamiliar conversations. French and Spanish I learnt from textbooks on front row desks. I can understand the words being spoken, but my professors would not be proud of the gibberish coming out of my mouth.

On my plate in a daydream: Pasta al whatever. Just give me the pasta!

In my cup: You can bet there’s tea. Four red fruits tea, specifically. Most of the time – all of the time…

Travel Bucket List: There are too many to pick, but if I had a gun to my head, I’d say Australia, Korea or Nigeria. Here are 5 amazing destinations on my travel bucket list!

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Last Updated: June 2022