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I might spill a bit too much truth on the pages, but can that ever really be a bad thing? Ok maybe, but at least I’m having fun doing it.

Welcome to Rachy Lewis; my little slice of the internet in which I write things I’ll hopefully won’t regret when I’m 30, on a higher grade of the adulting scale taking up ‘mature’ hobbies like gardening perhaps!

Whether you stumbled on here by accident, came across an overly chatty post your friend shared on their feed, or picked the link through a good ol’ fashion google search, pour your drink of choice and get comfortable – it’s about to get real.

It’s simply a candid blog about my life on wheels, my trips, my unfiltered opinions and everything in between. The blog was born out of my desperation and desire to express the too many thoughts that were set on fire in mind, and what began as a curious experiment became the outlet that enabled me to raise my voice.

So dive into it with all you got because you are in for a hell of a ride!


Rachy Lewis is a lifestyle, travel and social commentary blog written by, as can be deduced from its name, Rachy herself as it mirrors the everyday life and experiences of a 21st-century woman.

She was born in Nigeria and then moved to Italy as a child where she spent most of her formative years and completed high school. She eventually moved to England, Manchester, precisely, where she attended university until 2019.
Rachy is driven by her passion for writing she discovered when she was little and never stopped ever since.

She graduated with a First Class degree in Multimedia Journalism from Manchester Metropolitan University and as well as create all the content on the blog, she also is a writer for Thought Catalog.

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Last Updated: October 2019