IMG_0595It was in the middle of rainy nights as a curious little kid when I began to tell stories. Stories that were out of this world, stories that didn’t exist: plucked out from somewhere in my imagination. 

I’d invent plot twist and turns, allowing the inexistent characters in my head to go on a journey I couldn’t. it was a form of escapism for me and I surely loved it. Every day was a new story, every night, a new happy ending.

As I approached my teenage years, I began putting my thoughts and words on paper which became a lot more than just writing, it was more like therapy. I quickly discovered that this way I could express things I couldn’t necessarily describe with spoken words or feelings I didn’t even realise I had.

In the summer of 2018, I finally decided to do the thing I had been shying away from for so many years… start a blog!

‘Do I really have anything to say?’

That was definitely the biggest question I had as well as the biggest obstacle.

Well, I decided to stop asking and just go for it. Figure it out; find the answer to that once daunting query along the way.

Now, at the age of 21, I’ve decided to continue to tell stories, however. This time stories that do exist. Stories of my life: of the good and bad time and people I’ve come across from all walks of life.

You will probably find out way more about me than you bargained for, to be honest, as I tend to always say a bit too much and just cannot keep my opinion to myself. Of course, it will be no different on here!

I’ve always kept diaries and I hope this blog reminds you of one; brutally honest, blunt and straight to the point and leaves you with raw emotions like anger, smiles and maybe even laughter. I’ll be getting real about things I never have and hopefully, you all can relate to my usual awkward self as a young adult trying to find her place in this crazy world.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have or experiences you might want to share, who knows, you might get a shoutout or feature on the site!


Restless Romantic Roamer



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