5 Amazing Destinations On My Travel Bucket List Currently

Feet buried in the sand as I use the back of my hand to shield my eyes from a blazing sun. Warm hotel sheets I could drown in for the longest time, forever and a day perhaps. Cocktail sips as I lock eyes with a stranger across the room. I wonder where these brazen looks could lead. Souvenirs and cheesy quotes on plain coloured t-shirts; a momentum to be put on full display that invokes jealousy in the hearts of curious wanderers. Now they wish they’ve been where you’ve been.

A ride above floating clouds is the one I’m on. A trip to a land so unfamiliar it must be travelled with the ultimate pathfinder; a city traced on papers, a moving arrow leading the way.
It is true, that a map can show the pillars and bones of a foreign land, but it can never give a front-row view of what standing on those grounds is really like. To feel one’s feet on old warm soil. Awkward smiles with strangers and bold choices over safety nets. To breathe in the fresh air violently allowing it to inhabit the lungs too. A balanced game of impatience and expectation where no one wins over the other and everything goes. To play guest in a foreign land and experience it in its truest form; alive, vibrant and naked.

Aaaand CUUTT!

I shake myself as my daydream comes to a halt again. The voice of a demanding client at work will do that to a person each and every time, bringing another journey to an abrupt end. The fun thing about daydreaming is you get to go on many trips in your mind on a regular basis. The painful thing about it though is it always ends way too soon and it’s never real.

My passport has been locked away in a cabinet since the pandemic started over two years ago. It would be an understatement to say I am itching for a trip. I’ve mentioned before how much I love airport days. The chaos, the overweight luggage, the time that seems to flow at a different rhythm than it normally does, all of which excite me to my core.

In a way, I was lucky to be one of the few who got to travel right before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. My last trip back home to Italy was then in fact, although it was out of necessity, the trip was the last semblance of normalcy I had before it felt like the world was going to end. Before that my dream to visit New York came true and it felt like a dream indeed. It was such a big deal that I documented every single moment of it. From the moment on the plane to New York to simple magical moments roaming the city and breathtaking views, it was one I’ll never forget.

Although the world is opening back up again, I’m now bound by work and responsibility, so I do not know how much travelling is on the cards for my foreseeable future. Seems, for now, the most travelling I’ll be doing will be taking place in my imagination. I thought it would be fun for me to share with you some places I’m hoping to travel to beyond my imagination at some point soon. For the time being I’ve got nothing planned but here are some destinations on my travel bucket list currently:

A Do-Over In Germany.

I’ve actually been to Germany once before in my early teens. Back then, one of my mum’s best friends lived in the city with her family so we spent a summer there for about two weeks. We were staying in the outskirts of Hamburg where we remained for the most part. Rather than a big scale trip, our time in Germany was more of a reunion of families who had not seen each other for the longest time. Most of the activities I recall were not very specific to the city we were in. I remember tasting the best KFC I ever had and the fact we did not really enjoy our shopping session. The roads were immaculately clean and there were so many kids in the house at all times
My memories, although sweet, are now foggy and unremarkable. Essentially, I’d love to redo the trip as an adult in my own way. I could perhaps spend some time in Berlin and Cologne or visit the old surviving churches in Munich. Either way, I’m sure my itinerary would look very different now and I would like to experience that.

Lagos and Around, Nigeria.

The last time I was in Nigeria was the very first time I left the country for Italy. It was my first time flying a plane and I had never really roamed around cities before then. I was a child when we left and so I don’t remember much about my country. Most of what I know about Nigeria has been from what I have heard and not necessarily what I have seen or remember. I want to change that.

I can’t wait to someday return and reconnect with family, culture and history. It’s essential, really.  

Clichés In Paris, France.

I think this is going to be surprising, but I’ve never been to France! A shame my eight years of taking French were never put to good use. Sadly, it’s all gone to waste now though and trying to speak now would be a whole new kind of embarrassing really.

From baguettes to berets, I want to do ALL the cliché things in France. Yes. All the clichés, even the ones I’m sure the French themselves do not partake in.

Click here to read about my first trip to Paris!

Fun Times In Prague.

I had the opportunity to go to Prague in high school for an excursion but ended up not being able to go. It was a go-to destination for all the seniors in their final years and they all came back raving about how fun it was. I think it would be particularly fun to go with a group of friends!

Culture And Cuisine In Seoul, Korea.

Probably really high up on my bucket list is South Korea, and I think I’d like to start by visiting Seoul first. I’ve had so much interest in Korean culture for so long now and I think it’s time I finally go there. One can only learn so much from Korean dramas! There’s so much to see so I’d definitely love to spend a week at least there. Some obvious stops would be N Seoul Tower, Gangnam, and Bukchon Hanok Village where traditional houses can be seen.
I think the main thing I’d be most excited about though is trying out authentic Korean cuisine. I’ve really enjoyed Korean restaurants in different cities I’ve been to and actually eat their specialities quite often. Food often equals happiness to me, so the prospect of enjoying the food there is rather inviting!

Left to my own devices, I would just drop everything to travel the world and blog about it. Frankly, there are so many more places, I’m dying to go to, but at the moment these are the top picks on my bucket list. What is on yours? Is there any destination you hope to land in sooner than later? Let me know in the comments below.

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