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Bitesize Wonders 17

Hello there! How are you doing this fine Sunday?
I’ve been in my own world lately, but I’m popping back on here to share with you my Bitesize Wonders of the week. Last week’s edition of Bitesize Wonders was a special one. Instead of presenting you with my usual list of highlights during the week, I wrote about a really special friend on their birthday and the importance that friendship holds (Read the post here). Perhaps, laying all my emotions on the page like that may be cheesy in some ways, but I believe it’s essential to express to the people we love just how much we do. Let this be your reminder to let someone know how much they mean to you today.

This week was very much a quiet one for me. My Bitesize Wonders were down to earth and contained – bitesize in nature. Nonetheless, I’ll share them with you.

The whole point of this series is to share the big joys as well as the little ones continuously and intentionally. The standout moments as well as the mundane. My goal is to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page. I’m finding there’s always – always – a reason to be grateful. These are the things making me even an ounce of happy – my beloved Bitesize Wonders.

Your restless romantic roamer

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