Bitesize Wonders 16 – A Special Friend Edition

There are days when you don’t have to search hard for Bitesize Wonders. You don’t have to wonder what there is to be grateful for. On days like these, you don’t need to pick up a paper and pen to draw your best moments in history because you know then they’ll be marked in memory for the rest of time.

There are days like that when instead of searching for gratitude when you open your eyes, you just find it. You find it like you would a pair of lost earrings you think are forever gone but catch your eyes in between the sofa. It falls on your lap like a wayward leaf breaking free from a tree you were peacefully sitting under. You find it like you would a ten-pound note in the pocket of an old bag that no longer suits the season.

Sometimes Bitesize Wonders come to you like the wind – uncontrollable and forceful – and you need to know when and how to grab them.

How can I grab at the wind you may wonder? Well, even when you are unable to take hold of the wind, there are still ways to ensure it is a welcome guest in your story. You embrace it for what it is. You dance as your hair bounces to your rhythm whilst following the path the wind chooses. Perhaps, you acknowledge the good that comes from the fresh gust of air because you never know how long it will be with you.

I won’t be making a regular list of Bitesize Wonders today. After all, there is one big thing I’m grateful for that trumps many moments of joy. On a day like today when gratitude has knocked on my door, I’ll share with you the one thing I’m grateful for, or rather that one person. Sometimes, it’s easy to find wonder in my life, because all I have to do is look around at the people in it to feel forever grateful.

On this day every year, I get an immense joy thinking about the fact that a very special friend was born. At times, I can’t explain the reason why we clicked all those years ago caged by high school walls. She was there. I was there. All of a sudden, we were doing life together. It was a fast ride from bad French classes to adult worries in voice notes. Time flew by fast, and we grew as fast.

I’m grateful for a friendship that continues to withstand the distance and mock the seas between us. Some may say we are young, and nothing lasts forever. I too have loved and lost so I know that to be true. However, I also know the importance of living in the now and appreciating every moment we get with the people we love because nothing is guaranteed in this world. Not youth, nor time.

I’m grateful today for my very special friend; a rare gem for a person who many will not be lucky enough to find till their last breath. I’m grateful for a friend who sees me and sees through me. The one who listens to my rambles for way longer than should be acceptable and remembers the details – every comma, every full stop. I’m grateful for the laughter on rainy days as much as I appreciate the tears that could not be restrained. All the moments that brought us even closer together, a bond held together by fire.

I’m grateful for her kind eyes and kinder soul. Her tender smile and candid spirit. Her thoughtful words and hopeful solutions.

I thank God you exist because for that I know something for a fact, I’m the lucky one.

Your restless romantic roamer

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