Hi, I’m Rachy

A self-proclaimed ‘restless romantic roamer’ who solemnly swears to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth! Your average twenty-something sharing unfiltered realities about growing pains, life as a disabled woman, and the shades of grey in between…

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coffee in a large white mug

Bitesize Wonders 48

If I could paint you a visual of where I am these days it would look a little similar to this.I’m sat in a messy room – the messiest I’ve…

Photo of a road in Manchester City That Captures a Stunning Sunrise

Bitesize Wonders 47

Feels good to report that things slowed down a lot in the last week. Not because the pile of things I had to do were reduced necessarily, but because I…

I’m on a mission to regularly catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page

 So you dance and dance some more praying that somehow you are keeping up with the beat and not making a downright fool of yourself

Perhaps it feels like the test drive into adulthood is officially over Perhaps it’s about time I became an expert at the wheel of my life

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Books I’ve rated or hated – find your next addictive read among my selection!

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