Bitesize Wonders 58 ~ A Parisian Getaway Edition


What happens in Paris… doesn’t just stay in Paris! You bet the beauty I saw won’t lie in my eyes only, but will make its way to my fingertips and be transformed into words that can be trapped in a moment in time. I took a trip to Paris and not only was it beautiful as they all say, but it was also a timelapse of Bitesize Wonders and little joys.

 The road to Paris was everything but seamless. In fact, before the planned getaway everything that could go wrong did. It was almost comical to a degree like the heavens were trying to tell me something. For some reason though, I decided to forge ahead despite everything, and I couldn’t be happier I did.

Honestly, I needed the time away. I needed time off work and airport lounges. I needed my head in the cloud (literally!) and unfamiliar streets to roam through. New experiences and lessons learnt through travel were exactly what I craved. Oh, and a whole list of Bitesize Wonders to lift my spirits and give way to my wildest dreams. 

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • The zoomed-out view from the clouds of the city I call home. As it becomes smaller than a dotted line, I regain some forgotten perspective. Indeed, I am just a fragment in this big old world…
  • Kindness goes a long way. Unlike what I’d previously heard about Parisian people, I’m glad to report they were a lovely bunch. 
  • A little bit of summer sunshine. I sure missed that…
  • A warm hug from a friend I hadn’t seen in too long. My favourite kind of rendezvous.
  • Pretty dresses in pretty places. 
  • The kind of meal that lingers on tongue and memory. Food is definitely one way to my heart!

Your restless romantic roamer

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