ON SECOND THOUGHT – Remember, You Are Doing Well So Far

Hi November! We meet already… or is it just me who feels that this year is painfully slow yet runs away from us as if it’s being chased away. It almost feels like once I get used to writing down a new month, it’s time to erase that and write a different one over. Like with most things this year, I sense that I am rather slow at fully grasping reality.

New months have one thing in common for me; an intense urge to do something new. Whenever the 1st comes around, I feel like changing things up, getting rid of bad habits, drinking more water, and making overly ambitious lists I won’t get to.

Yesterday, we all watched Boris Johnson announce a national lockdown beginning Thursday till December, and well, if you’ve read my past posts, you’ll know exactly how I feel about that. But for those of you who are new around here: anxious, annoyed and pretty exhausted sum it up nicely.
Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I do support any reasonable actions taken to slow down the virus, and I have been staying in a lot anyway, but in the same way, I can’t help wondering when this will be over – we’ve been over this too.

Today, I thought we could focus on a different aspect of the current grim-looking situation. I mean we could cry and complain if we wanted to (I’ve done that plenty – you have every right to!), but except for much needed emotional relief, that doesn’t necessarily give us anything.
I wouldn’t call it ‘a bright side’ or a ‘silver lining’ but rather a reflection. Think about it, ponder upon it for a second; we’ve all come so freaking far, don’t you think?

Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis

This year, we saw things we didn’t think we ever could, we lost people we loved to bits, we had trouble counting blessings or even finding them and we felt more distant that we ever did before. It was a new experience. Not the kind you wait for impatiently with excitement and trembling feet, but the kind that comes as a rude wave of a million problems – one after the other and after the other. It felt never ending, it still does, but we’ve done well. We’ve done so well so far.

Yes, it taught us lessons we might have preferred not to learn, and it gave us wounds we didn’t know how to heal, but for today let’s focus on how we are still in the game. We are still making it through each day, still fighting for survival, still surviving.

Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it, even for a moment. For every time you broke down but picked yourself up and glued all the pieces back together. Every tear you shed in the bathroom under the shower and the times you felt alone and isolated. For every time you felt like a loser who got tired of waiting for the right time to happen to you too. I just want to remind you that you’ve done well so far. You’ve pushed through and you should be proud.

November might not be looking good from here, but here you are, looking at it damn straight in the eyes. You’ve come this far, trust me, you can go some more and more, and all the way.

Take it easy this week. xx

Your restless romantic roamer

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