Hi, I’m Rachy and it’s Complicated!

Rachy Lewis first blog post

I’ve been holding off doing this for a while now.

Why you may ask? The number one reason is, I’m a procrastinator and although I should, I don’t feel particularly ashamed of that fact.

Aside from my undeniable habit of leaving things to the last minute or until when they are finally of the highest importance, the main reason is, for the first time in a while I just couldn’t do more than stare at the blank page and the text cursor blinking.

This is probably my fifth attempt at this. Third wasn’t a charm!

I decided my first post would be about me, a “Get to Know Me” piece as that just felt like a natural (some might say obvious) way to start this blogging experience.

But then the daunting question I had to answer threw me off for some reason. Who am I really and how I would describe myself in a few words if I had to? Since I had to.

Thus, the blank page. There I was confused, pondering, wondering and contemplating how I wanted the world to see me.

I could easily write about my childhood, how growing up as a migrant changed my life or about my race, the fact that I live with a disability or even the things I like and don’t. Putting these into words, however, just didn’t feel right, like I was racing to do something I didn’t have to while dragging a whole lot of weight.

So, I’m not going to sit here bombarding you with information that can wait, although my sneaky self already did in the last paragraph, however, I hope you can learn about me through my future posts which will be a true reflection of who I am and where I’m at.

And you? How would you describe yourself in three words if you had to? Would you be able to or would the blank page be intimidating?

Three words aren’t remotely enough to describe an ever-changing human, whether young or grown. We are all more complex and intricate than that, I’d like to think.

Let me know what your three words would be… mine you ask? I bet you could probably guess by now!

Your restless romantic roamer

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