Accessible Takeaway KEJ’S Opens In The Heart Of Fallowfield, Manchester

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Rachy in front of takeaway shop
Rachy in KEJS

Nights out are some of the most memorable times of our youth. Whether it be with one person or with a dozen, there’s something about gathering around with friends and talking the night away. You let your guard down and allow everything that the week has thrown at you to flow through like a release of burdens one unto each other. Some nights are less bothered by the weight of the world and that is when we are truly inclined to throw our worries to the wind and let the night lead the way.

I love nights like that too; moments when everything is funny and you are not too embarrassed to sing choruses at the top of your lungs in the middle of the street in, may I say, in complete sync as well. There was that one time a man asked us if we were auditioning for the X factor, and it would be true to say that on nights like that the thought does cross my mind quite often.     

Good food, music and a great atmosphere is all we truly want really, but when deciding on where to go on a chilly evening out, the number one question on my mind is one I’ve been referring to a lot recently on the blog and it’s a quite simple one too; ‘Is it accessible?’.

For me, it’s a question I can’t escape as it really trumps other things many people look for when they’re out and about. When a place is proposed to be the next host for night time adventures, the spontaneous words that roll off my lips without fail are usually accessibility related.
‘Is there a ramp?’, ‘Is there a lift?’ – these questions are slightly annoying to ask sometimes, but until we leave in a world where steps aren’t a stop sign for people who use wheelchairs that the night is over or the party should be taken elsewhere.

This is the exact reason why I was so excited when I was invited to visit KEJ’S, a takeaway equipped with an accessible ramp that just opened up in the heart of Fallowfield, Manchester. I arrived there in the late evening after a long day of little sleep and knocking things down my do-list therefore, I couldn’t have been more ready for some good food and downtime.

Rachy in KEJS takeaway
Rachy smiling in front of takeaway kejs

The cosy takeaway store which offers a wide range of choice on the menu was well lit up and perfectly colour co-ordinated thriving in a yellow and red theme. I sat at a corner table with a friend and we made our order which was swiftly then brought over to us as KEJ’S offers table service to its disabled costumers. He and I ate a number of things, amongst which, an amazing cheeseburger and a large portion of chips for me that was made the only way chips should be; somewhat crispy with a perfect amount of salt and, of course, incredibly tasty. He, unlike me, chose the vegan options on the menu such as veggie burgers, kebabs and pizzas.

picture of food rice
Rachy smiling at KEJ'S
Reachy eating in KEJS

We chatted the time away as we devoured every little bit of food on our plates. We tried to savour the taste for as long as we possibly could, although honestly, it all went by a lot faster than we anticipated or wanted it to. I also got to chat with the manager about the way the whole business is run as well as the passion behind all of his hard work and he sure seemed passionate!

So, would I return back to KEJ’S? Certainly. Wouldn’t want to miss out on an overall welcoming atmosphere or environment and, oh, of course, can’t be forgetting those perfect chips! Also, on my next night out I won’t have to wonder where to go to or where ramps are available. The best part is that for people like me who on some nights would rather stay indoors under the duvet covers being entertained by a Netflix series or getting lost in a thought-provoking podcast, KEJ’S provides a ring and collect service as well as a chance to effortlessly order their food with the famous food delivery app Just Eat. They are also open on a daily basis from 3 pm to 5 am and have £1 offers every single day.

So, gather a group of friends and head over to KEJ’S for one major reason: it’s a guaranteed good time!

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