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‘By 2020 standards, I think I can report that this month has been pretty calm compared to the others’. That’s what I was about to write before I flipped through my journal only to realise that the ‘others’ I was referring to were also a part of the month of July. I guess the correct statement would be: by 2020 standards, I think this month has been the longest yet. At least it has been long enough for me to subconsciously divide the days into two months.

This year has clearly decided to give us no breaks, no in-betweens, no pauses where we can just take a deep breath or smell the roses. We have had to either create our own moment or get drowned with the chaos. It’s been mostly pain without any time to play, and while we do continue to choose to stay positive, I’m sure there are parts of this year I wouldn’t mind erasing.
Perhaps, you felt it heavily this month on the blog as the four posts that went out were rather brutally honest, sceptical in nature and definitely not the most cheerful pieces I’ve written – some of you might think that’s nothing new anyway! It all started with a tough lesson on second chances and I wrapped it up with some thoughts on the search for inspiration and more specifically the lack thereof.

This month I took on journaling as a more habitual routine because I needed a place to vent in a less curated fashion as well, I’m enjoying it more and more. I watched zero movies and yet binge-watched a few Korean dramas as usual. One good thing to come out of this month was Folklore, Taylor Swift’s eight studio album which I’ve had on repeat ever since. So, what else is on my radar?


ON SECOND THOUGHT – Sometimes You Don’t Get Second Chances
The Isolation Diaries – Is It Really Safe Out There?
ON SECOND THOUGHT – Who Do I Want To Be Online?
ON SECOND THOUGHT – Uninspired To A Ridiculous Extent


Little Fires Everywhere.

This month, I finally watched a new show I’d been meaning to and I’m sure you all might have seen by now. Little Fires Everywhere available to stream on Amazon Video is a miniseries based on a novel of the same title and stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. I really enjoyed diving into this one without knowing a thing about the plot or the characters and I think my curiosity peaked more because of that.

The eight-episode series explores so much in such a short span of time such as race, self-identity, motherhood and the truth that secrets never stay hidden forever.

Dinner Mate.

A series of coincidental events allow a famous psychiatrist and a producer at a content creation company to meet and have dinner together. Then they meet again. And again. And – you guessed it – again. They then decide to become ‘dinner mates’, friends that only make dinner plans and talk about their problems freely. The arrangement comes with some strict rules however; no names, no address, no details on occupation and certainly, no crossing the line.

Whist, it sure had its flaws, I genuinely enjoyed this one as I thought it was a slightly more mature attempt at a romantic drama.

Good Girls.

Last year, my sister showed me the first episode of Good Girls on Netflix and I was instantly glued to the screen through to the end of season 2. The story focuses on three mothers who are struggling financially at the beginning of the first season. As things get worse they decide to carry out a robbery at a supermarket – one time they said, but they quickly discover a life of crime isn’t as easy to escape from.


James Bay – Chew On My Heart

Ella Henderson – Take Care Of You

Jason Derulo – Savage Love

Taylor Swift – Cardigan, Exile, August

Anne Marie, Doja Cat – To Be Young

Maisie Peters – Sad Girl Summer

Ellie Goulding – Power

Avenue Beat – F2020

Raye – Natalie Don’t

James Arthur – Quite Miss Home

Lee Hi – Holo


The Everygirl: Why It’s Harder to Talk to “Nice” People About Racial Injustice & 11 Ways to Break Bad Habits That You Haven’t Tried Yet

A Cup Of Jo: How Have Your Plans Changed These Days?

Katerina Writes: The Importance Of Being Bored

With risa: Road Trips, My Brother’s Laugh, and Other Things I Miss

Chloe Plumstead: The Rough Patch

Lucy Mary: What’s It Like To Be Healthy?


Adulting. Episode 74: Racism, Cancel Culture & Police Abolition

Oenone chats with journalist and soon to be author Chanté Joseph about her appearance on ITV’s Has Britain Changed. They discuss cancel culture as well as racism and how it’s perceived in the UK and much more.

Criminal. Episode 133: Red Hair, Gold Car

I’m gradually getting up to speed with this amazing crime podcast I’ve mentioned on here a few times already. This episode is one that really sticks out to me for so many reasons. Adam gets a call from his mother telling him he had become a suspect in a murder case. The evidence? His red hair and a gold car.

What podcasts have you been listening to lately?

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  1. So many great sounding recommendations. I’ve had Little Fires Everywhere on my bookshelf for a while, but think I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to read it… I’m starting to realise that there’s no time like the present. Once I’ve made my way through the ones I’ve borrowed from the library – or should I say e-borrowed?! – I’m definitely going to dive in and then move onto the TV series! I feel like I’ve seen the promo picture for Good Girls, but never really known what it’s about – I think I may have to pick that one up too now 🙂

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