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Bitesize Wonders 04

Another happy Sunday to you lovely one, and a happy February too! We’re already six days deep into the shortest month of the year and I cannot help being puzzled by how fast time really does fly by. Maybe this is a side effect of keeping track of my life, documenting my days, and sharing it on your pixilated screen.

I live, I learn, and then I write about it. This repeating cycle makes my days feel like they bleed seamlessly dry into one another. It’s second nature for me to capture my thoughts on blank pages, but sometimes I can’t shake the feeling that I’m constantly rushing to catch up with my days. It’s almost like I’m chasing after a train that’s well on its way, and of course, I don’t ever seem to get quite close enough to hop on. Do you ever feel the same way…?

As weeks go mine was good enough to not have any thorns sticking out sharply. Normal. Mundane. Ordinary. These are some words I’d use to describe my last seven days and I’m completely okay with that.

When days go by so fast in simple ways, it can feel like an assignment to try to catch moments of pure magic in the common and usual, but the more I practise gratitude this year the more I know there’s always Bitesize Wonders that can be found even in the smallest of things.

So, this week too, here’s my list of Bitesize Wonders that made me even an ounce of happy.

Your restless romantic roamer



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