Bitesize Wonders 06

Yesterday morning it snowed a little. It wasn’t the kind of snow that was enough to blanket a small pavement, much less, an entire city. Instead, it was the kind that was afraid to grow into something much bigger and quickly melted into frail rain that was likewise not bold enough to come pouring down.

In that short moment, I captured a wholesome exchange that made my heart smile, and it was the simplest thing. I had just brushed my teeth and was returning to my bedroom wondering what to have for breakfast when I first noticed the snow out the window. “Oh wow, it’s snowing”, I thought as my heart fluttered a little. I stopped in my tracks to admire the falling flakes, and then I contemplated getting my phone out to record an Instagram story but decided against it.

That’s when I saw it. In the window opposite mine, my neighbour was standing next to theirs too, staring outside just like I was. A moment later, she looked to her right side, picked up a child that was still so little he could not see above the windowsill, and together they watched as the fragile snow fell.
They both smiled wildly. The little boy pointed at the snow and his mum nodded along as though she too was as delighted by what she saw outside. I got distracted by a phone call and not long after they were gone, and so was the snow.

I couldn’t help but think back to the little boy who marvelled at the smallest thing with a smile planted on his face that could not be easily uprooted. It made me instantly think about my quest to find Bitesize Wonders in my day to day. I couldn’t help but think back to how beautiful everything seemed at that tender age and how the simplest things had the ability to put me in a good mood.

When did I grow so much, I began needing to consciously practise gratitude in order to fight off negativity? I remember a time when it just felt natural to do…

With that to think about, I’ll now gladly share with you a few things that made me even one ounce happy this past week. From the little to the defining moments, these were my Bitesize Wonders.

  • Relaxed unrehearsed banter with like-minded yet unfamiliar faces that produces loud laughs and deep reflection. Sometimes, a room full of strangers can feel like a comfortable place to be.
  • I discovered I’m not so terrible at group activities that involve loud fast-talking and intense quick thinking. I got to play a board game called Articulate where each player has to give quick-fire descriptions and their team members have to guess the greatest number of words they can before their time runs out. Heart pounding, blood rushing goodness! My group won, so I guess when I say I work well in a team at job interviews it really is true!
  • A surprise knock on the door that left me with my mouth wide open. It was my sister at the door with a small suitcase in hand and a smirk on her face that read ‘gotcha!’. She flew in from Italy for a few days and we were all left unaware. It was a pleasant surprise – a pleasant surprise indeed.
  • After it was announced that the lead actors of Crash Landing On You are taking their real-life romance to the next level and are set to tie the knot, I could no longer fight the urge to re-watch the highly-rated drama on Netflix again. Honestly, I have watched the Korean Drama more times than I’d like to admit as it’s a strong favourite of mine, but this week I’ve been swooning at the overdramatic onscreen romance once again.
  • Finally getting an appointment at the hairdressers has to be a note-worthy joy. I get to braid my hair finally today actually and needless to say, I can’t wait for my new look. I’ll definitely be shooting more content with my new hair so I’m looking forward to that too. Fingers crossed there are no last-minute changes…
  • My days spent offline that have been the easiest form of self-care. Sometimes, I do wonder if I would still be an active user of social media if I wasn’t a blogger. I find it hard to believe I would still use it in the same way. I mentioned this in one of my recent blog posts (read here), but using social media significantly less has been doing wonders for my mental health. I’m trying to find the balance between allowing it to consume me and disappearing from the various platform for too long at a time.

And you..? What have been your Bitesize Wonders this week?

Your restless romantic roamer

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