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Rachy Lewis

Can there really be redemption for people who do the absolute worst things in life? Do they even deserve it? A really heavy question for you to ponder on this morning, but I thought I’d start today’s entry with something that’s really on my mind at the moment.

I’ve been watching season two of The Morning Show on Apple TV, and I guess with that question being one of the main things the series aims to ask its viewers, it’s been hard not to think about. The show is truly masterful in its way of portraying the complexity of humanity as ugly and transparent as it can be. It depicts a world where no one is perfectly good nor completely evil. A world where no one is absolved for their blissful ignorance nor are they simply patted on the back for turning their eyes away from the misdeeds of their neighbours. Nothing is too simple, and nothing is too complicated whilst everything can simultaneously be simple and uncomplicated. In addition, the show does an even better job at not trying to tell you what to think about these puzzling characters. It hands you the telescope, advises you to watch carefully, then seats at the corner with its arms folded and a silent input. I freaking love that.

Of course, this is not meant to be a rant about how much I love The Morning Show and it’s not even meant to be an actual review of the show. Frankly, it’s been occupying my mind and it only makes sense that if I am to recount my Bitesize Wonders this week, this would be at the top of the list.  

When I sought to capture pure moments on a page at the start of the year in an attempt to practice gratitude in an active way, it didn’t occur to me how much it would really impact my day to day life. According to my goals and intentions for the year, I decided I would keep a gratitude journal once a week because I felt like it was the most realistic number of times I could actually commit to long-term. Plus, my whole aim in setting them was to make them as realistic and doable as possible. I mean, how does one go from barely practising gratitude to aiming to do it as often as a subconscious habit?
I genuinely thought I’d struggle to take stock of the little big moments that make my days a bit more radiant, but it’s been the opposite actually.

These days, I’ve been catching Bitesize Wonders in the moments they happen, not just when I sit down to reflect on them over the weekend. The thought carefully pops up: ‘This right here is a Bitesize Wonder’, and the corners of my mouth go up as the realization takes root in my mind.

I guess the way to build a good habit really is consistency after all so with that in mind, I’ll definitely do all I can to keep it up. Let’s get into it then. Allow me to share with you a few Bitesize Wonders that made me even an ounce of happy this week.

I’m looking forward to the new week… what have been some Bitesize Wonders of yours?

Your restless romantic roamer


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