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Bitesize Wonders 10

As I begin to log my tenth entry of Bitesize Wonders, it does feel like I’ve reached a significant benchmark. As you know starting this series was more of a challenge than anything else. I wanted to push myself towards a more positive mindset so starting a weekly gratitude list for the first time ever felt like a good idea. Needless to say, although I hoped I would, I didn’t know I’d be able to keep it up this long.

So far, I’d say my mission is being accomplished. I’m finding silver linings even in the current dark state of the world and realizing sometimes the little things matter the most.

The week I just had was really one where I had to cling to the little things to get by. The discomfort in my throat quickly turned sore in no time then the running nose became into a whole fever.

Night sweats that left me drenched, loss of appetite and used tissues piled up in bin bags – it sure was a dramatic couple of days. The good news was both COVID tests I did came out negative, the bad was the healing process was much slower than I liked. The pills, potions and remedies are working though as I feel significantly better now and I’m ready to share my standout moment from the week with you. These are the Bitesize Wonders making me even an ounce of happy.

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