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Bitesize Wonders 12

It’s been a wild week, to say the least! I know we’re here to take note of Bitesize Wonders, but as always, I’ll first tell you a bit about the week I just had.

If you were living and breathing, I’m sure you also saw THE Oscar moment that had the whole world in a frenzy. I remember absent-mindedly scrolling through YouTube during a dull moment as I worked, and it will surprise no one that my jaw was all the way on the floor. Instinctively, I did what I usually do when I come across videos that leave me speechless; I sent it to my sister and a few friends. Most of them had seen it already – a couple million times already.

I’m sure you’ve had all the conversations with friends and strangers alike. By now you’ve watched all the debates surrounding the ordeal and have read all the opinion pieces online, so I won’t pile on. I will say though, it was interesting to not only see how the narrative expanded over the course of the week but also how different people’s opinions really were when it came to this.

Aside from the crazy Oscar slap, this week was also significant personally. As you know this period for me has all been about embracing change. I’ve been doing my best to push myself out of my comfort zone. I mean, sometimes you’ve got to give in to the temptation to do the things that freak you out. I’ve been doing just that and hoping my brazen audacity takes me far.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday and explained to her how much noticing Bitesize Wonders has really helped me stay hopeful in the last couple of months. The world has shown it can be a dark place in recent times so practising gratitude intentionally helps me remember that I’m still thriving in some areas of my life. It’s one form of self-care I’ve tried that actually works. I’d highly recommend you try it!

I’m glad I can say my mission to regularly catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page so far has been successful. Now I’ll share the little big things that made even an ounce of happy this week:

Your restless romantic roamer

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