Bitesize Wonders 14

My birthday week shaped up to be one I’ll not forget anytime soon. If there were a perfect time for gratitude and the celebration of Bitesize Wonders, it would be in the past few days. I felt happy to be alive and I felt alive. The same energy I’m hoping to carry with me throughout my new age.

Lucky for me the holiday season also fell conveniently this week, so it’s also been a time of rest and guilt-free duvet days which I always welcome. I’ve really been indulging in the things that make me feel whole lately. Without a doubt, I’m sure this is radiating through my mood too!

The days went by so fast though, probably because of all the fun I was too busy having. It always flies by when things are looking up. Sunday is upon us again just like that it seems which means it’s time I reflect on the week I just had to find pockets of joy within it.

As you may know, I’m on a mission to regularly catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page. To do this, I’ve been sharing with you a few highlights from my days every Sunday no matter how big or small. As much as I do this for myself and my well-being, I hope it’s been encouraging you to find a little dust of magic in your mundane days. It’s really worth taking out the time to be grateful.  

These are the things making me even an ounce of happy – my beloved Bitesize Wonders.

  • Turning 25. It felt like a wild step when I was right on the verge of a new age.  I know though, that it’s more than a crazy milestone. It’s a blessing, one I should cherish with a grateful heart. It’s more than a Bitesize Wonder, there is nothing little about it.
  • The familiar pings coming from my buzzing phone on a big morning. Notifications that come in a string of commotion and play a familiar melody. Green and blue bubbles of well-wishing and congratulatory words. It’s my birthday indeed.
  • Wholesome laughter around a table with faces familiar enough to describe even after a decade of physical distance and comforting touch. The restaurant was not where we wanted to be. The food on the plates did not inspire groans of satisfaction from anyone at the table. But there we were living, laughing and embracing misfortune and mishaps. Another messy moment, another magic moment.
  • My brother offered to pay for my birthday dinner. A smile easily planted on my face.
  • 4/5 days off work. Resting, playing and chasing Bitesize Wonders on the daily.
  • My first concert finally happened! A great night which consisted of impatient enthusiasm, dangerous top of lungs sing-alongs and weightless laughter. There is not one thing I would have changed. You can read more about my experience at Eric Nam’s There and Back Again tour stop in Manchester here.
  • A buzzing high of excitement I couldn’t wash off my skin days after. Concert blues are painfully real.
  • Perfectly cooked noodles poured from scorching pot to expectant bowl. Mid-day craving satisfied.
  • Dessert all week! Leftover cake somehow always tastes better.
  • The clear blue of the sky after sunset. It’s not flashy nor does it scream for attention or crave to be looked at. It’s still light out to guide a weary step journeying to safety before the darkness wins once more. I dare to look up to the sky when it doesn’t crave the spotlight. There’s beauty in simplicity – simple can be beautiful too.

Happy Easter!

Your restless romantic roamer

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