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Bitesize Wonders 14

My birthday week shaped up to be one I’ll not forget anytime soon. If there were a perfect time for gratitude and the celebration of Bitesize Wonders, it would be in the past few days. I felt happy to be alive and I felt alive. The same energy I’m hoping to carry with me throughout my new age.

Lucky for me the holiday season also fell conveniently this week, so it’s also been a time of rest and guilt-free duvet days which I always welcome. I’ve really been indulging in the things that make me feel whole lately. Without a doubt, I’m sure this is radiating through my mood too!

The days went by so fast though, probably because of all the fun I was too busy having. It always flies by when things are looking up. Sunday is upon us again just like that it seems which means it’s time I reflect on the week I just had to find pockets of joy within it.

As you may know, I’m on a mission to regularly catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page. To do this, I’ve been sharing with you a few highlights from my days every Sunday no matter how big or small. As much as I do this for myself and my well-being, I hope it’s been encouraging you to find a little dust of magic in your mundane days. It’s really worth taking out the time to be grateful.  

These are the things making me even an ounce of happy – my beloved Bitesize Wonders.

Happy Easter!

Your restless romantic roamer

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