Bitesize Wonders 20 – The Home Alone Edition

Rachy Lewis

What a weird week it’s been. And by weird, I mean completely different to any week I’ve ever had. To most people, my week would have been very normal, even boring in most ways, but for me, it was the very opposite of that. It was a monumental week for me; a testament that someday I could live on my own – and survive.

I grew up as part of a very family so it’s rare for me to be alone for too long when I’m home. It’s like a revolving door at mine; there’s always someone stepping in and out at every moment.

As a wheelchair user independence is something I chase vehemently in my everyday life. In fact, one of my biggest goals is to someday move out and live on my own. I could probably write at length about this and probably will at some point, but the last few days were like a test run for me. SPOILER ALERT: I loved it!

It wasn’t as simple as waving goodbye to my family as there had to be planning involved and making sure I had everything I needed for the days ahead. My sisters flew to Belgium and my mum headed to Italy (I really can’t wait to get back!!), so there I was all by myself in a house too big for one.

My days were filled with uninterrupted work mornings, microwaved rice, the Mission Impossible franchise, and welcome knocks from strangers handing over food I paid dearly for. There was also music blasting through the speaker, large hoodies with nothing else, and unapologetic pm naps.

I may or may not have also felt self-conscious at times and may or may not have left a few lights on in the house to make it look busier from the outside. I will never admit it though!

Although I didn’t expect it to be, it was a week filled with Bitesize Wonders I will recall fondly. On my mission to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page, once again, these are the things that made me even an ounce of happy this week:

  • The 7 am wake up to the beeping of the alarm that only stops after the third time I say so. ‘Hey Google. Stop’. Then the quiet.
    The sleepy eyes rubbed awake as I pass through the hallway. The running water, the brushing of teeth and the facial scrub that awakens me fully. The computer silently booted up as I spread the Nutella all over the wholemeal slices of bread. Office chair positioned right. Headset over my head.
    I just love a morning routine that works.
  • Clocking off right on time. No lengthy team meetings that go overtime or overbearing client that just won’t get off the phone.
  • The solo dance parties in my bedroom that make me come alive. There’s always a good time to dance.
  • The cutting sound of silence that slowly gets more and more comfortable when I stop trying to fill it up with insignificant commotions. Silence can be scary and daunting. Sometimes, though, it’s comforting and comfortable.
  • The overwhelming Amazon Prime movie selection that had me clicking on that ‘rent’ button at lightning speed before my mind could be changed. A movie a night did not please my wallet, but I was well entertained which is all that matters. Am I right? Am I…?
  • The firm knocks on the door that answers the question: “so what’s for dinner?”. Well, spicy rice, peri-salted chips and a delish grilled chicken wrap.
  • Putting long-time feelings into words – the right words. There are times when I write in a way that makes me feel as though I’ve finally set my stream of consciousness free. I did just that in ‘Lost In e-Motion: The Burnout‘.
  • Nearly 2-hour long conversations with my sister on the phone. She recounts her stay in Belgium and rants some more about how she’s hated every single meal she has had so far. I laugh again and tell her to take as many pictures as she can.
  • Harry’s House. The soundtrack to my week. On Repeat over and over and over again.
  • Realising I’ve just typed out the 20th entry in the Bitesize Wonders series. It’s wonderful to know I haven’t missed a week since I decided to do this. Seems my mission to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page has been working. I continue to learn that there are always little joys to be celebrated in the mundane every day…
  • Being alone but not feeling lonely.

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