Bitesize Wonders 25

A bit of a blurry one, the week flashed before me so quickly. The reason is not a mystery to me at all. My head has been in the clouds for the past few days, and I know exactly why that is. It may or may not have much to do with the Bitesize Wonders that I’m yet to experience in the next few weeks, but my excitement can’t contain.

Okay, fine! I’ll admit my week went by the way it did exactly because of my plans and itinerary for the new week. I’m going back to Italy!
it’s been a whole two years and a little more since I’ve been back there, so I guess my brain is so ready for the flight that I was barely present during the week.

During work hours I was daydreaming about my trip to Italy. Whilst showering, I was taking mental notes of things I need to tick off my to-do before D-day. That afternoon I was caught under unpredictable British rain, I couldn’t help but imagine my skin melting under 38-degree weather. Funny enough, I’m not the best at dealing with heat so there are pros and cons to that one.
Either way, my brain is very close to filling up the last bar as it’s loading up for vacation mode. In my head I’m floating above clouds, eating dripping ice cream and catching up with friends who, although familiar, now might wear the heaviness of the last two years on their faces. I wonder if my face post-pandemic will look a little different to them…

Even though my mind is elsewhere, of course, I still managed to hold tight to some Bitesize Wonders this week too. By now you know all too well that to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page is my ongoing mission. So as another week is closing on us I’ll be sharing the things that made me even an ounce of happy. Here’s another list of Bitesize Wonders from my week:

  • Not needing a jacket after all.
  • Ending my reading draught with a three-hour long seating filled with heart-warming curiousity and little bursts of laughter. It’s another book by Ali Hazelwood, and I’m already hooked. If it turns out to be anything like The Love Hypothesis, well, I’m in for a treat!
  • Securing a last-minute appointment at the hairdresser before a trip is a stroke of luck I truly appreciate. It may mean spending most of my Saturday sitting in a not-so-comfy chair stacking braids in my hair, but I’ll take it.
  • The excitement gets deeper each time I open my phone in the morning in search of one thing in particular. The countdown on the airline’s app says it won’t be too long now. Booking a ticket abroad was one of the ways I set out to have my Hot Girl Summer and now that the time is nearing, I’m so ready!
  • Afternoon naps that put a little life back into me. Okay, I’ll admit I might be becoming a little addicted to a good deep nap almost daily. At this point is it a matter of pure enjoyment or a routine necessity to function…?
  • Small talk, social anxiety, and conversation tips. In her latest video, Jenn Im shares ‘How To Talk To Anyone’ and it turns out I feel as though I needed it right about this time. Perhaps, you might find her tips as useful as I did. Click here to watch!
  • Finally getting a taxi when you’re about to surrender to the faith that you just might have to get to your appointment even later than you already are. God bless taxis that are only 5 minutes away!
  • K.O. It’s always fun to have unusual winning streaks during rounds of Tekken on the PlayStation. It’s even more fun when my opponents are my sister who always wins and my brother-in-law with whom the family finally reunited after two whole years.
  • How To Get Unstuck. Writing this one brought me some comfort this week. As I searched deep within for the things that helped me come out of my misery, I was reminded that dark days don’t last forever. Read the post here!

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