Bitesize Wonder 32

I’ll admit this week seems to have rushed by fast. I blinked and it’s Sunday again; the perfect time for us to catch up on some beloved Bitesize Wonders
Less than a hundred – think about that for a second. 98 to be exact, are the number of days left till Christmas. How crazy is that?! 

There’s never been a year before this one where I’ve managed to document every part of my life with the consistency I’ve been able to maintain this year. Maybe, that’s why I’m a little sad to watch the curtains slowly close on the year. I still have the goals I set earlier in the year as a map to guide me, and the curiosity to see where they lead pushes and motivates me.

Ok-okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here. There are still months ahead to look forward to. The ember months have just begun and won’t dissipate so fast. The leaves are yet to signal the entrance into a new season through their changing colours. I still have time to pursue my goals and I still have much ink left to draw on blank pages. There are still countless Bitesize Wonders to live through, enjoy, and take solace in. I’m on a mission to catch them all and trap them on a page. These are a few little moments of pure magic I intentionally noticed from my week:

  • Finding shelter from the rain as it pours down violently and mercilessly. Clouds cover the sky as the damp air makes me wish I wore a sweater instead. It’s an afternoon of inconvenience, but the glow on the pavement makes me smile somehow. Surely, a new season is crawling up behind me…
  • Venturing into a new store at the mall that screams out my name – it’s an invitation I can’t resist. Wide-eyed and tempted I roam through every aisle, shelf or corner. I chat to like-minded curious strangers who yielded to the calling too. Turns out I can’t resist temptation after all. Apologetical but happy, I whisper to my bank card on the way out: “I promise, I’ll be good next time!”
  • Welcoming two new plushies into my bed might seem trivial, but it’s gotten so cosy in here.
  • A lump makes its home at the edge of my throat as my tongue fights to spit out truths untold. I hold back the tears that seem to want to run away from me like a child at a playground. Maybe the cord we struck wasn’t one that wanted to be touched, but by the end of our conversation, I feel like I’ve reopened too many scars that were used to being closed. A regular catch-up with a close friend turned into a therapy session of sorts. Raw emotions, bitter truth, and abandoned dreams. The call made me feel lighter and beautifully vulnerable as we shared ins and out and ups and downs. I think I know her a little better now, and I can say we’re much closer because of it. That’s the Wonder that brings me joy.
  • Once again, the paradox of choice catches me perplexed and confused as I stare at all the options on the white shelf. Is picking new glasses supposed to be this hard? I’m excited to finally be picking them up next week. Hope I made the right choice.
  • Writing sessions after midnight. Some words take shape best in the dark…
  • Catching up on my ‘watch later’ YouTube playlist is still an easy highlight in my week. I know short-form content is all the rage, but I’m still very into my sit-downs bingeing vlogs and Storytime videos. 
  • Round one. Ready. Fight. Evenings spent assaulting buttons on my controller have to be my favourite stress reliever. The bold words appear and dance on the screen; K.O. YOU WIN! Satisfaction reached.

What’s something simple that made you smile this week? What Bitesize Wonders stood out to you?

Your restless romantic roamer

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