Bitesize Wonders 30

August really did slip away just like that huh… As much as I’m not ready to say goodbye to the summer or the many Bitesize Wonders it brought, I will admit I’m ready for something new.

Maybe it’s because it’s only been a few years since I graduated, but that new-school-year feeling knows to come back around each year. It’s that refreshing post-holiday feeling that used to have me super energized whenever we welcomed in the ’ember’ months. It’s the overwhelming excitement, not for school to start again necessarily, but to finally see the faces of my friends again after a long summer spent away. The last-minute shopping sessions for classroom essentials and the hunt for the trendiest backpack anyone had ever seen.

Those simpler days are far gone in the review mirror now, but that September feeling is back again. It feels a bit like starting over. As though marking a new beginning with new goals for old dreams and new targets to hit. I’m ready to pull out my new crayons and heavy marker to draw something impactful – something that will remain.

With brand new emotions and a changing season, I think the best way to start on the right foot is to do so with intentional gratitude. I’ve been keeping a digital gratitude journal consistently since the start of the year. Doing so has really helped me feel more centred and aware as a person. Capturing Bitesize Wonders isn’t always easy to do, but it’s taught me much about myself. I know now that beauty can be found in everything, even the longest of weeks. These were some Bitesize Wonders from my week:

  • The rare satisfying sleep-in on a Monday morning. It’s a gift in the form of a bank holiday here in England. Even though I didn’t see it coming, I enjoy every moment of it rolling around under the sheets, eating breakfast for lunch, and bingeing episode after episode on Netflix. No work, no pressures, no deadlines. Just a good day – a simple good day.
  • Back-and-forth emails with a stranger that bring a project to life. I’m anticipating the outcome.
  • Salmon platter, hosomaki avocado and cucumber rolls. My sushi addiction continues…
  • I’m a night owl at heart, but sometimes being curled up in bed by 9 pm is much needed for prime survival.
  • Talk That Talk on repeat the entire week. Bubbly, feel-good dance-pop is what I’m here for!
  • A September opening that reminds me it’s not too late to start again. It’s not too late to try again. Neither is it too late to kick the fear of failure in the butt.
    In the mirror, I repeat these words to myself: “The life you want can still be created. You may not be the best painter, but you can still try drawing it the way you imagined. Your life is yours to take. Take it.
  • The third cup of tea I’m off to make right now! Have a great week ahead!

What were some of your Bitesize Wonders this week?

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