Bitesize Wonders 33

Sleep is still hiding in the corner of my eyes this fine Sunday morning. I stayed up all night bingeing the second season of The Netflix original Virgin River and as tired as I am I don’t feel one bit regretful. It’s only two nights ago I began the series, but it undeniably has me hooked so far. When it comes to Bitesize Wonders, the show is not the only thing keeping me smiling recently.

This week was one of those where errands and appointments stole most of my afternoons. Of course, the rest of my days were taken up by work. I filled in a nap here and there whenever I could and failed terribly at keeping up with my friends.

It was certainly one of those weeks where Bitesize Wonders (a.k.a reasons to be grateful) didn’t just jump out at me throughout my days. Instead, I had to seek them out myself, intentionally picking up on the beautiful things on the sidelines. 
Weeks like these were the reason that I started counting Bitesize Wonders in order to capture them on a page. For those weeks days feel unremarkable and mundane. For the days that could easily go by unnoticed or forgotten in an instant.

Life is not a movie. It’s not one giant lead-up to stand out or breathtaking moments. Some days can be repetitive or dull. Others can be so busy to not allow space to breathe, step outside and look around. It’s not every day one can enjoy a trip to Venice, meet a charming stranger on a bus, or hit much-anticipated milestones. 

Celebrating little wins, daily ordinaries and Bitesize Wonders is something I do willingly. Having said that, these are my moments of pure magic from the week: 

  • Beans and toast. Bacon, a chubby sausage and poached eggs on the side. An English breakfast delights!
  • Cosy socks over icy feet. Bring on the warmth!
  • Finding laughs and cheesy smiles hidden within a fresh thick paperback I picked up while grocery shopping. There’s always a gem to be found in the books section waiting to be rehoused on my bedroom shelf. There can never be enough books!
  • Time can run by fast even in a hospital room too. My check-up turning into a life catch-up is something I didn’t see coming, but certainly didn’t mind either.
  • Trying my hand at stirring pots and pans, picking and mixing spices, licking and tasting. Time in the kitchen is valuable and healing regardless of how many burnt plantains I end up with!
  • Good company and good food. I’ve found these to be the cheat code to happiness.
  • Pouring a dose of honesty can open up a deeper conversation, deeper understanding, and deeper intimacy. I’m glad I let it get deeper. Perhaps, more real…?
  • The quote that caught my eye during an endless scroll through the gram. It read:
    Sometimes, the happy ending begins with someone walking away from you. 
    Sometimes, it’s better when they don’t give you a reason. 
    As hard as it is, it awakens you to your desperate need to come home to yourself.

    – Najwa Zebian

Your restless romantic roamer

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