Bitesize Wonders 34

The nights are falling on us a lot faster than I hoped. And the cold… oh the cold! Honestly, I couldn’t imagine myself wearing anything lighter than a sweater these days. It makes me wonder what kind of winter we are in for this year. Hopefully, there’ll be many Bitesize Wonders to be found on slow cold autumn days too.

Watch me get ahead of myself! Well, to you there: HAPPY NEW MONTH!
October knocked on the door and walked in before I could take notice or invite it in. In my mind, it hasn’t been that long since I was enjoying my hot-girl summer, roaming through the streets of Venice and screaming my lungs out at an unforgettable concert. I guess for me September sure feels like a whole blur, or maybe I’m just holding onto the summer nights with a tight grip. In other words, it seems a part of me doesn’t want to let go but knows she has to.

October has a way of drawing me back into reality. The transition feels a bit more concrete – permanent. You feel it as the chill in the air finds its home in your bones. The constant reminder is in the colour tracing every corner of the city; the green that turns to brown. It’s when the need for a coat becomes a necessity and not necessarily an option. I certainly think that time has come.

So, you want to know how my cold days have been in the last week? Well, just like most weeks there were highs and lows too. It’s about time I share with you a couple of things that made me even an ounce of happy. I hope they encourage you to think about your own Bitesize Wonders and little joys too. Count your blessings, they say! 

  • The blog turned four this week and I couldn’t be more proud of what we continue to build here. It’s precious, honest and intimate. Here’s to much more… Happy fourth to you and me!
  • Thoughtful well-wishes from close friends and Instagram besties. Being sick this week was not in my plans (is it ever??), but I’m much better now, rest assured!
  • Aside from sleeping, racing through more episodes of Virgin River got me through my sick day off work. Though I may feel like absolute shit, at least I have Netflix right?!
  • It’s nice to be independent and self-sufficient, but when they sacrifice their time to take care of you, well, that’s special and something to be grateful for.
  • Being able to eat is something we often take for granted. The moment I was able to keep food down, I realized that’s not something to be considered mundane. Be grateful for the little things. Although, truly they’re not so little after all.
  • A warm blanket, warm socks, warm hoodies, warm mugs. I feel much better already.
  • The damp texture of sticky moisturiser on my face after a shower. My favourite part of my skincare routine for sure.
  • Randomly catching a rainbow in the sky yesterday made me hopeful once again. I’ll take that as a sign things will fall into place. Things will make sense. Things will get easier.

Your restless romantic roamer

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