Bitesize Wonders 38

I got caught in the rain on Friday evening. My decision to pick my leather jacket over my large hoodie really paid off big time. It turned into a necessary lesson: always choose your gut over a fashion statement. Or, when in doubt, open up the damn weather app!
Not quite the umbrella, my right hand failed to shield me from any of the many droplets that fell my way. I could try to pluck out a Bitesize Wonder from this story or tell you there was an imminent bright side. I mean, I could… but I won’t. Should I?

As I felt my entire body become sticky and cold from all the rain, I couldn’t help but feel annoyed and frustrated. I thought about the series of choices that led me to that very moment, and how it seemed I’d picked all the wrong ones. 
Why didn’t I wear my waterproof coat? Why didn’t I take the other bus that would have led me closest to my destination? What do the tearful clouds have against me today? 

Dramatic. I know. But that’s how I felt at the time.

Thinking back now, it really wasn’t a big deal. By the time I left my appointment the rain had stopped, the skies were clearer, and the only hint of what had happened could be found in the glow on the pavement. Soon after, I arrived home, took off the wet clothes and tossed them in the laundry. I made a warm cup of tea, turned up the heating, and took shelter under my duvet. As I fell back into episodes of ‘My Liberation Notes’, it took me no time to forget my frustrated feelings just a couple of minutes ago.
In all my rage, I had forgotten that my week had actually gone pretty well until then. There were countless Bitesize Wonders and little joys in unexpected corners. Might have not been the greatest of days ever, but they were indeed not the worst either. 
I’m not one for fake positivity, so I won’t say a 5-minute internal rant doesn’t have its place. It does. It’s valid. It’s fair.

I was reminded, however, that even the heaviest downpour comes to an end. It never rains forever. An annoying moment doesn’t make for the worst day ever. A bad day doesn’t mean it’s the worst week. A bad week is in no way a terrible 365 days. And a terrible year doesn’t indicate it’s a bad life.
There are always Bitesize Wonders to be found inside, outside and besides you. Here are some Bitesize Wonders that made me even an ounce of happy this week:

  • The self-awareness that stops me in my tracks to deliver a certain but forgotten truth: “I too may just be the problem”. It’s a rude awakening, but before I take steps ahead in search of a fix, it’s one that must be acknowledged.
  • I am beginning to create space for old passions. Allowing a feeling I almost let go of creep back in without pushing back. It feels good I’ll admit.
  • Who said there’s a right occasion to order cake? Well, my sister and I decided there doesn’t have to be. We ordered a second batch of the one we got for my mum’s birthday last month. I could write a whole blog post about the unprofessional baker and the crazy saga that unfolded before we got the red velvet cake to our front door, but each bite was worth the stress so no need to fret!
  • I think I forgot just how much I love Dax Shepard’s podcast the Armchair Expert, but listening to the Janette McCurdy episode reminded me. They discussed her past as a child actress, her addiction, and her bestselling book “I’m Glad My Mum Died”. As polarizing as the book title may be, the talked about the reasons behind it, childhood trauma and much more. The episode does present its listeners with heavy topics, so consider this your trigger warning!
  • Delightfully unwrapping my carefully packaged scented soy candles from &chai is the little joy I acquired for myself this week. The small business is run by fellow blogger Michelle Chai of Daisybutter and her sister, and I’ve been purchasing candles for a while now. Earlier this week they celebrated two years of &chai so I jumped in on the fun and ordered three new scents I was yet to try. I’d highly recommend it! 
  • Sweet satisfaction listening to the ping of approval at the checkout till. I wholeheartedly believe in retail therapy – in moderation, of course!

Did you find Bitesize Wonders in your week lately? Make someone’s day by sharing yours in the comment section below!

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