Bitesize Wonders 39

I feel as though my week ran away from me. Strangely, the last 7 days have resulted in one big blur for me, and I’m finding it a little difficult to pick it apart. Most of my week was spent embracing the mundane and keeping up with ordinary routines. I found Bitesize Wonders in comfortable places but didn’t necessarily seek them out intently. 

I allowed things to fall into their place, and I gave myself some breathing space too. There weren’t many high highs or low lows. Instead, there were slow mornings and treasured effort and steady flows to go with throughout the day. 

“It’s okay to slow down sometimes”, I reminded myself of this. Even so, in the midst of discovery, steadiness, and quiet there’s always Bitesize Wonders to catch. These were mine this week: 

  • The streets dressed in autumn clothing. Rust greens and dirty browns that blanket the ground beneath me. This season will pass too, but for now I want to frame it in my mind, breathe it in, live it up for what it is at this very moment.
  • A good morning message that makes me smile before my eyes are fully wide open.. 
  • Potted plants and scented candles. Cute mug sets and fluffy heart shaped pillows. You can always find me sniffing around in the homeware section.
  • Your article just went live’ is exactly what I’d been waiting to land in my inbox over the last three weeks. Finally, this week it did! I wrote a little something for Thought Catalog about letting go and realising it’s time to give up on someone. Click here to read ‘This Is Me Giving Up On Us’.
  • Catching my first Christmas movie while surfing through random channels on a chilly grey afternoon. As I heard talk of Christmas magic, cheer in the air and secret Santa, I began to feel it too. I think I’ve caught the x-mas bug!
  • Spit it out! I’m grateful for arguments that lead to healing and spilling naked truths. Putting the cards out in the open; no armour, bluffs nor lies. Just honesty and time.
  • When Spotify shuffled straight through six songs I absolutely love. Rare bliss!
  • Being unable to board the bus because of the number of bodies sandwiched together doesn’t inspire much gratitude. But getting to stroll back home whilst clearing my mind and heart of a million little things was the beauty I couldn’t see.

What was your week like? Did you catch any Bitesize Wonders in it?

Your restless romantic roamer

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