Bitesize Wonders 50 – The Birthday Week Edition

I gave it my best attempt. I’ve never been good at it, you see; blowing out the candles all at once. That night too my best attempt failed once again, but I still managed to put the little fires out rather quickly before the icing on the cake melted. I think it dawned on me at that moment after my wish had been blown away, that I was then a year older. Older and wiser… perhaps?
As the echoes of “happy birthday to you” rang around the restaurant, and I looked around the table, it wasn’t hard to acknowledge all the Bitesize Wonders in my life. 

If I were to walk past each of the last 25 years of my life like an inspector at a gallery, every work of art would represent a year I’ve lived through, I’d say my life so far has been a collection of lessons. Lessons about life and loss and everything in between. Some of the paintings in the room are stunning, as though painted by a steady creative hand. Others are messy to behold as though each stroke was made without much thought or innovation. One room is nearly as blank as a fresh page as though the artist was a little too shy to give their art a voice. In another room is a painting of a giant flower, perhaps the year they chose to bloom.

Now I’ve just walked into the latest room. It’s room 26 and it’s mine to curate. I’ll be choosing, the vibe and the aesthetic. I’ll be setting the dress code for all the visitors ensuring the energies in the room match.

In this room, I’ll be choosing gratitude for the things I have, the ones I love and even the ones I’ve loved. I’ll be grateful for the sunlight on my skin and the scars on my knees that remind me of what battles I fought on the way. So, it’s a new beginning, another opportunity to create the life that lives vividly in my dreams.
Hence, I’m grateful for the Bitesize Wonders yet to be found. I’m grateful for the questions unanswered and I’m ready for the stories unwritten. Here’s to 26! 

What are you grateful for today?

Your restless romantic roamer

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