Bitesize Wonders 51 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

I was just thinking about how I’ve now written over 50 entries of Bitesize Wonders. Over 50 celebratory posts highlighting the little joys in my rather mundane life. More than 50 posts recognising gratitude as the key to long-term happiness. Odd because when I first started posting the digital journal, I was in such a dark place mentally, I had no confidence I’d get to craft ten, to be honest.

I questioned whether I truly had new reasons to be grateful every single week – what a silly thought! Now it’s second nature for me to sit comfortably every week to ruminate and romanticise the little things in life.

It was purely selfish of me to start this series. My goal was to chase away my blues in a way that didn’t make me feel like I was trying too hard. All I had to do was look around my life and keep score of the moments that made it all seem worthwhile. I hope I somehow encouraged you to do the same…

Another week has run by and past me again already so here we are at Bitesize Wonders 51. You guessed it, I’ll share with you the moments of pure magic I’ve held unto this past week.

  • Landing on clean sheets after a long work day. It’s the simple things. It always is. 
  • The cherry blossoms that call my attention away from my grocery run. I stop and stare as the sun shines through the branches. Of course, I take a shot for my gallery before carrying on my way. I love spring.
  • I try not to fixate on numbers when I pick up my Kindle to read, but the 90% at the bottom of the screen gets me giddy every single time. Yes, I’m nearing the end…
  • The magic that is the air fryer. I know. I know. Everyone and their mum have raved about their air fryer for months. We just got ours recently so please allow me this once to say how much this little thing has changed my life lately! Well worth the money if you ask me.
  • Notes left for me to find and wrapped boxes under my pillow. Who doesn’t love a surprise gift? I sure do!
  • A song that draws me back into a sweet memory. It’s momentary bliss I can only appreciate.
  • Another sushi delivery at 11 pm? Do I have a serious problem or is it okay as long as it makes me happy? What do you say?!

Happy Sunday!

Your restless romantic roamer

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