Bitesize Wonders 59 – A Sunday Gratitude Journal


Last weekend was my sister’s birthday, and with that as a perfect excuse, we took the opportunity to return to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the second time this year! Oh, how much fun we had! I went on a big bad rollercoaster ride and barely survived its twist and turns, bathed under the sun each time it peaked through, and enjoyed the view as I strolled along the beach. All these Bitesize Wonders were short-lived, yet so valuable. The best things usually are…

You might notice some sneaky little changes around the blog in terms of its design. I’ve been playing around a little and can’t seem to stop myself. If you do spot any differences, you’re certainly a real one!

Frankly, the last couple of days have been filled with what I like to call ‘life-admin’. My attempt to reorganise my life has left me busy chasing incoming messages in my messy inbox and trying to catch up on the time I never seem to have enough of lately.

Regardless of it all, finding Bitesize Wonders among the cracks has not been difficult. They have been there for me when I lose my patience or feel stuck in one place. These are the little things that brought me joy this week – my Bitesize Wonders.

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • Leftover cake for breakfast on a dreary grey Monday morning. Not much can fix a dull Monday morning. I mean for me most of them are indeed dull, but that sugary red velvet sweetness is just the right flavour I need to kickstart my engine.  
  • Dusting off my physical journal for the first time in too long and filling it in with words a little too messy for your pixelated screens. Turns out I have to let off my chest and every bit of it is the catharsis I was missing.
  • Jay Shetty’s wise words and a cuppa. I recently began listening to the worldwide famous podcast pushing me to live my life ‘On Purpose’. I know I’m very late to this one ~ I know. However, it’s quickly becoming a major highlight in my daily routine.
  • Out of nowhere ‘how are you’ texts that find me right when I’m caught up in my big old half-baked feelings. It’s always nice to be remembered.
  • The welcome burst of creativity that flows uncontrollably till the final full stop. There is nothing more rewarding than an unplanned productive writing session to fill up a relaxing evening!
  • A little treat from me to me. It won’t surprise you one bit, but I indulged and slipped into a little retail therapy over the weekend. I purchased a perfume I’ve been eyeing for a while, and it’s just soooo good I might have to tell you all about it in its own dedicated post – yes, I love it that much. You’ll just have to stay curious for a little while. I’ll reveal it soon – I promise!
  • A little extra sleep on a slow Sunday morning. The slower the better.

What is bringing you joy lately?
Share your own Bitesize Wonders in the comments below.

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