Bitesize Wonders 67 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

How do you do this cold morning? As much as I love a Sunday morning bundled up under a cosy blanket, I’ll soon be stepping out, braving the cold and heading into town to do some shopping with my sister. I promised her I’d go, but it’s one of those things where if she said she had reasons not to anymore, I certainly wouldn’t complain. I’m sure I’ll find many Bitesize Wonders away from my familiar four walls, but these days I constantly want to hideaway… Not very a very exciting life for a self-proclaimed ‘roamer’, huh?

Before I head out, I thought it would be appropriate, as it is every Sunday, to share bits from my gratitude journal this week. It’s something you’ve come to expect, I’m sure, and it’s an entry I’ve come to love writing. Here’s my gratitude journal celebrating my little joys for the week:

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • Clocking off work on the dot on Friday. The awkward dance in the mirror. The anticipated start to the weekend.
  • Belly-aching laughs on the couch as we finally catch up on the most recent season of Only Murders In The Building. It’s just that funny!
  • An invasion of rainbows in the sky stealing the spotlight from the grey clouds. A pop of colour has been known to boost moods every now and then, right?
  • Making plans for a little family Christmas getaway. Maybe I’ll be doing some fun roaming soon after all.
  • Seeing the percentages on the bottom edge of the Kindle rise with each turning of a page. It means the end is near, and I’ll soon get to pick another from my reading list… I’ve been reading more, which I’m so happy about.
  • The freeing sense of overwhelming accomplishment of hitting ‘publish’. Yes, it might have taken four months to release it from the draft box, but uploading a new vlog on YouTube does give me reason to smile. Not sure if I should say another will be out soon or don’t hold your breath…

Okay, I’m off now and I’ll catch you later, but do let me know what your Bitesize Wonders are lately in the comment section below!

Your restless romantic roamer

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