10 Last-Minute Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s that time of the year again. Michael Bublé’s Christmas album plays non-stop around the house, the tree seats comfortably in the living room and each corner of the street glows when the sun sets.

It’s the time of year when we’ll use words like jolly and merry to describe our state of minds or to wish people well over the next few days. We’ll have breaks and lunches and parties to commemorate the festive period, and all caution will be thrown out the window when (and if) we’ll reconsider our calorie intake.

The Christmas holiday is the time we have no shame singing carols and classics at top lungs and the cheer in the air is somewhat infectious. Whilst Christmas is often a period that promotes cheerfulness, love and extreme joy, it is also the time of year when our bank accounts suffer the most.

It is no lie that during this festive season, we find ourselves hitting the stores more regularly than we normally would.
You need to pick up a present for mum, grandpa, a picky friend, that one uncle you see only during the holidays and sometimes even the neighbour next door. The list of people to shop for can seem endless and extremely expensive, and often times, we end up buying a lot more than we can actually afford.

Since the end of October, I noticed people on social media who had already started to shop for their loved ones, taking advantage of discount codes and Black Friday deals. Needless to say, I didn’t fall into that category of people and chances are, seeing you willingly clicked on this post, neither did you.
I tend to leave Christmas shopping till real late most years, to be honest, and while we can have a full-on debate about how awful of a habit that is, let’s pretend it’s not the case and just get to it, shall we? Here are some ideas for your last-minute Christmas buys:


The thing with eleventh-hour buys, is they tend to have to be sort of generic and yet a little more thoughtful than those body essential sets people who often don’t know you well give. When I shop last minute, I often search for things that will be essentially useful to whoever I’m giving it to; hence something they won’t feel the urge to stuff in the closet or regift to someone else.

I think a handbag can be a perfect option between generic and personalized because although it may not be super specific to one person, it’s something most people need, probably won’t be mad to have another one added to their collection, and if done correctly, you can pick one that’s in line with their sense of style and fashion. Also, a good bag can be found in a wide price range, so you don’t have to break the bank.


This one is a no brainer for those who like me are massive tea drinkers. Of course, it would be great for those who drink way too many cups of coffee a day too.
If you know me well, you’d know I drink and talk about tea a lot more than the average person and I absolutely love mugs and cups. A cute mug with an interesting quote or name initials on it can come across as a well thought out gift to the receiver.
PSA: I would be super careful about who I’m giving this one to because although it is obviously useful, it could also be seen as hasty and generic AF if handed to the wrong person.


I received an unexpected heartwarming card from someone a few days ago and I strongly believe it will be a fierce contender for best Christmas gift this year. Christmas cards are becoming more and more underrated by the year, so to top it up a little, I’d add a gift card to Amazon or the receiver’s favourite store. It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised.


I received my Google Home mini last Christmas as a gift, and I have to say it was definitely my favourite among the ones I got under the tree. Whilst there’s an ongoing debate on whether these kinds of devices are here to help us or spy on us (maybe both?), it’s an item I use almost on a daily basis since I got it last December. From the morning news to my favourite tracks and shopping list, it has me covered at all times.

Of course, there is a variety of similar devices to choose from which might be more in tune with your preferred price range!


 A rechargeable Bluetooth speaker can be a perfect gift for music lovers. They range in style, colours and prices.

They can be found in stores, but Amazon prime users will be able to get them with same-day delivery or on the 24th if ordered today, so go, go, go!

rachy sat by christmas tree smiling
rachy sat by christmas tree


I got a phone stand a few months ago off Amazon when I was in deep with decorating and buying gadgets for my new room. I also wanted something I could seat my iPad on while watching an unhealthy amount of Korean dramas on Netflix in the middle of the night. It’s easy to find and there are a lot of affordable options online.


Jewellery is usually the safest option when buying things people can wear as you can buy them a bit more freely without having to worry too much about what size they wear. In these cases, I usually go for earrings or necklaces and bracelets I feel would look best on the person instead of buying a jacket they might find too big or too small.

Accessories with their name or initials attached to them always add a bit more sentimental feel as they come across as more personal and solely directed them.


Do they love to read everything they can? Fiction? Autobiographies? Romance? Fantasy? Thrillers? If the answer is yes, then a Kindle might just be the perfect present; a place where all the stories they love can coexist.
It was my gift to my sister who’s an avid reader last Christmas and she absolutely loved it.

It can be on the pricier side if you’re not willing to cough up about £60 or more for one person’s gift alone, but it might be well worth it.

rachy sat by christmaas tree


A Netflix e-gift card would be perfect for that one friend (aka me) who is a tv show and movie junkie without boundaries or any ounce of binge limit. Make them smile by covering part of their monthly subscription with a gift card that can be topped up with a custom amount ranging from £15 to £100.


Whether it be a play, a football match or a concert next year, a ticket can be a perfect gift for those who love adventure or experiences.
I know I would gladly appreciate a ticket to see Lewis Capaldi or Harry Styles right about now (just putting it out there), and a free one would cement that feeling of appreciation even more. It also saves you having to go to the stores roaming around in search of the perfect emergency present as you can do it straight from any device in a few seconds.

Hopefully, these suggestions will get you out of some trouble and into the good graces of your loved ones. Remember this period is not all about what you receive, but it’s about focusing on the people you love and letting them know how much you love them. Happy Holidays! xx

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