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Rachy Lewis - white top and checkered dress
Rachy Lewis - checkered dress and white dress

This month has felt surreal. I’ve been living within my four walls for the most part and only leave my room to get fresh air in the back garden. I wrote a post last week on how I’ve been coping with The Isolation and the overflow of tragic news in this period, so I won’t be saying too much more – plus, I’m sure by now we are all aware of what’s been happening.

Whilst this is a time when we are all forced to stop, take a deep breath and align priorities, it is also a time when easily accessible entertainment and media feels like a blessing. I find it quite difficult to step away from the news even for a while as I don’t want to become desensitized towards the pandemic, but at the same time, I believe there’s a thing called balance and to avoid losing my mind in this situation, I have to find my own.

So here it is, the promised monthly rundown of all the tv series, movies, podcasts, blog posts and more that I’ve been into in March.


Rachy’s Radar 01
Why Talking About My Disability Is Still Complicated
The Isolation
Review: This Is Going To Hurt By Adam Kay


White Collar.

I know this aired first in 2009 and ended about six years ago but had never stumbled across it before a month ago and I’m now in the middle of the fourth season. It is the classic FBI crime-oriented tv show with new mysteries and crimes to solve each episode. It’s sort of like The Mentalist, but imagine Patrick Jane is an ex con-artist who assists the feds in exchange for his freedom.  

Itaewon Class.

In my last list I suggested you all watch a Korean drama called Crash Landing On You, which is one of my recent time favourites, but this month, I began to watch Itaewon Class to help me cope with the withdrawal. I have a few episodes left, and while I wouldn’t describe it as epic just yet, it’s done a good job distracting me for a while. It’s contemporary, well written, tackles the matter inequality in society, representation and racism. Plus, there’s a character I personally diagnose as mildly psychotic, but you be the judge of that!


Grace Carter – Amnesia

FINNEAS – Let’s Fall In Love For The Night

Epik High – Home Is Far Away

Maisie Peters – Daydreams

Madison Beer – Selfish

5 Seconds of Summer – Old Me

Raye – Please Don’t Touch

JoJo – Man

Doja Cat – Say So

Dua Lipa feat Hwasa – Physical
Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia (Album – is it too early to nominate this for pop album of the year?!)


Let me keep it real: I haven’t watched a lot of movies lately because I’ve found it really difficult to detach from our current dystopian reality as I’ve already stated. I know for a lot of people movies on Netflix and Disney + have been an amazing form of escapism and hopefully next month I too can jump into that rabbit hole… But for now, here are some movies I’ve previously watched on Netflix that I think you’d enjoy.

He’s Just Not That Into You
A Simple Favour
(perhaps, it wasn’t that simple…)
Set It Up
Murder Mystery
(pretty sure I peed myself laughing)
Isn’t It Romantic
Mr Right


In The Frow: Why It’s Important To Be Able To Say No

Chloe Tear: Cerebral Palsy: Transitioning From Adolescence To Adulthood

Alice Catherine: Dealing With Headline Anxiety

What Olivia Did: Writing A Book: The Process & Your Questions Answered

Daisybutter: How To Read More

Cupcakes And Cashmere: A Tip For Managing Anxiety (And Addressing It Head-On)

Thought Catalog: Don’t Worry, Aries, Our Birthdays Aren’t Ruined


Science Weekly by The GuardianCovid-19: How Effective Is Social Distancing?

I found this podcast by accident as I was reading an article on The Guardian a few days ago. I got hooked partly because I was completely panicked by all that was going on, but mostly because I genuinely felt the need to know more scientifically.

Adulting – episode 54: When Did Disability Become So Taboo?

Chances are that each month you will see an episode of the Adulting podcast make the list on this series as it is definitely in my top three favourites. Every episode tackles a specific topic and I love that it is one where difficult, usually avoided discussions are had and this one felt particularly close to home. Oenone sat down with Sophie Butler about the realities of living with a disability, ableism and her personal story.

Small Doses with Amanda Seals: Side Effects of Quarantine

I listened to this episode a few nights ago and I feel like Amanda, who is never shy to speak her mind, described the emotions most of us are feeling so much better than I could. You should listen to this, if not for how well-spoken she is, to feel understood.

Criminal – episode 99: Racehorse Haynes

Phoebe pieces together the story of a well-known criminal defence attorney who was known to do just about anything to win a case – he once cross-examined an empty chair on the witness stand. Safe to say, he was hella confident!

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  1. I am definitely turning more and more towards films and TV programmes for a bit of escapism too. I’m totally with you on finding our personal balance when it comes to consuming the media at the moment! I’ve been meaning to get around to watching A Simple Favour (I think it was on Netflix?) and now you’ve reminded me I’m definitely going to schedule that in for a movie marathon 🙂

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