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Today is the last day of the month and as per usual I’m back with another media roundup on Rachy’s Radar.

This month went by super fast as days blurred into each other more and more. I’ve been experiencing the so-called quarantine fatigue, to be honest, as I’m finding it to be extremely draining how my days have the same mundane pace and rhythm. However, although things are set to open up soon, I’m also not very confident about the whole situation and I feel like I’ll be staying in isolation, waiting to see how things play out.

Despite everything, I do feel like June was certainly one of my most productive months so far and that makes me feel some degree of satisfaction. I managed to fit more exercise routines into my days and although I didn’t stick to a regular schedule, I was able to get stuff done.
On here, as you probably know, I launched a new series called ON SECOND THOUGHT, so make sure to pop on here every Sunday for that!

Now on to what I’ve been loving this month…


Black Lives Matter: Please, The Fight Against Racism Cannot End Here
We Moved Into Our New Home
ON SECOND THOUGHT – The Fear Of Failure
REVIEW: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
ON SECOND THOUGHT – 2020, A Year Of Growth And Change


Hospital Playlist.

Wow! What can I say about this show? This is the one k-drama I would totally recommend to any and everybody regardless of who they are or their usual preference. This show will have you laughing out loud and bawling like a baby. It’s witty and clever writing will make you fall in love with the characters before you know it and the whole thing just comes together fantastically.

The series follows five best friends since medical school, four men and a woman, who work at the same hospitals as professors in different departments. They are goofy, funny, and all about a good time despite having a job that constantly has them confronting life and death. All five of them are uniquely charming and you can bet I’m anxiously waiting for season 2 next year. If you haven’t watched K-dramas ever, well, this would be a great start. It’s on Netflix too!

The Bold Type.

After fellow Mancunian blogger, Alice Porter posted about The Bold Type on her stories, I couldn’t fight the urge to go re-watch some episodes which reminded me of just how good this show really is. I had already watched the first few seasons available on Amazon Video but have been struggling to find the latest. Jane, Kat and Sutton work for a women’s magazine in the constantly buzzing city of New York. Just like the city they are in their lives are always full of unexpected adventures, incredible highs and devastating lows. It’s relatable, very fresh and in tune with the 21st-century woman.

The King: Eternal Monarch.

If you watched this, feel free to tell me how it ends because I didn’t get there. What a mess. Period.


Carly Rae Jepsen – Solo

Chloe x Halle – Do It

NOTD, Astrid S – I Don’t Know Why

Lennon Stella – Save Us

Baby K – Non Mi Basta Piu

TWICE – Make Me Go

Astrid S – Dance Dance Dance

Lauv – Love Somebody


with love, yossy: Growing Up Black

The Everygirl: We Need More Than Hashtag Activism If Anything Is Going to Change Around Here

Alice Catherine: Diversify Your Feed: Creators And Brands

Moss Onyi: Things Will Never Be The Same Again

Chloe Tear: As A Disabled Person, I’m Not Ready For Lockdown To End

Career Girl Daily: 8 Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Single Day


Science Weekly. Covid-19: should we be concerned about air conditioning?

The title of this episode grabbed my curiosity instantly although it was a question I had never really thought about. Does air conditioning help when it comes to the virus or does it make things worse?

The Receipts Podcast. Your Receipts: My sister cut off my eyelashes should I get revenge?

The girls of The Receipts Podcast always crack me up. My sister walked into my room as I was listening to the episode and she couldn’t stop laughing either.

In this episode, the girls reply to their listener’s dilemmas and give their candid take or often brutally honest advice. I often end each episode thinking; ‘Wow, people really do have weird lives!’.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. Kristen Bell

It’s been a while since I’ve been dying to give this podcast a listen so two days ago I finally did. I listened to the episode where Dax sits down with his wife and actress, Kristen Bell, and their conversation felt so candid and unscripted. I would definitely recommend!

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