A Look Back On The Blog Posts I Enjoyed Writing The Most

Rachy Lewis

It’s a little odd to be sat down writing another blog post for you without a day or two in between. It feels a little like old fashioned blogging where everything was more impromptu rather than a whole pre-planned production of matching aesthetics and magazine quality photography. I’ve read a lot ‘old school’ bloggers pieces on the time before the industry became a massive machine, and sometimes I imagine what it would have been like to create content in that space – doing it to purely out of a desire of self-expression and nothing else.

Many of you will know that today is day 2 of the 7-day blogging challenge I’m doing in celebration of the 2nd year anniversary of the blog in a few days. While yesterday I let you in on The Most Important Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging, I taught it would be fun to take a look back on the blog posts I enjoyed writing the most in the past nearly two years.

These aren’t necessarily the posts that performed the best according to the stats or analytics, but rather the ones that stick out to me amongst almost a hundred posts so far. The blog posts featured will be the ones I’d love to introduce myself and blog to those who haven’t met or read my work yet. Perhaps, I wrote some of them at the height of inspiration or they started out as odd ideas and were transformed into something more.
Some might have been a product of pain and hurt, whilst others might have come from a place of hope and constant curious eyes. Each post on the list means a lot to me, a lot more than numbers, likes, or even people’s opinion.
They are the ones that were written for me by me, maybe at a time I needed to write things down to preserve my sanity.

In other words, these are the posts I’m most proud of.

The Art Of Looking Up When Life Slows Down.


A childhood game that reminded me of pure innocent days, the slow feeling of diving into the unknown, a friend in a rut who asked me for advice when I was in her exact same shoes.

I got to reflect on simpler times, and I remember feeling a lot better afterwards, like a weight was finally lifted off my shoulders. I wrote it at a time when I was at a crossroad; unsure of what was about to come and unsure of what I even wanted.

“All I know is at some point, I stopped thinking about what I could find in the sky, but I started thinking about what I could fix or change down on the ground.”

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THIS-ABILITY: On Disability And Why I Used To Hide It On Social Media.


Who am I versus who do I portray myself to be… or rather, how do I want to be seen? I feel like this was one of the first posts I put up that induced sweaty palms and a faster heartbeat before I hit publish. It is probably one of the most vulnerable truths I’ve ever shared with you guys and it helped me come into my own when it came to my ‘online persona’.

I was honest in a way I had not been with myself until I was writing the words down and I feel like for you to fully understand you have to read it for yourself.

“At some point, which I can’t really identify, I began to question my decision to crop it all out and never show or in some cases even tell. Why was I deliberately going out of my way to hide a part of me? Was I really doing it to avoid it defining who I am or who people think I am? Was I doing it for the right reasons?”

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ON SECOND THOUGHT – Sometimes You Don’t Get Second Chances


This one is the most recent on this list as well as the second entry from the Sunday series, On Second Thought.
It was a very realist post to put out to the world, and I was in a very ‘ah well, this is life’ state of mind, but it is one I feel will forever be relevant. ‘We don’t always get second chances’ – that’s not something we often like to think about, but why don’t we?
It is a fact that even the luckiest person on earth will someday run out and the thing with life is we can never go back time – not yet at least!
After a series of unfortunate events, some I wasn’t even ready to explicitly put into words, but instead hinted at, the post was more of a reminder to myself to live in the moment, appreciate the people in my life and to not take one single moment for granted.

“Life is not a movie and not every day ends with an overly dramatic chase at the airport or a sweet desperate kiss under heavy rain. Whilst a second attempt might be in the cards for us, that simply isn’t a certainty we can cling unto because the truth is there are things we may never get back.”

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Cancel Culture Should Be Cancelled And Here’s Why


Ever since cancel culture became a thing, I’ve been strongly against it and ever wrote a post prior to this called Outrage Culture: Do We Get High Off The Madness. Now, whilst I have been able to listen to different points of view on the matter, and perhaps mine has shifted slightly, I still believe cancel culture should be cancelled.

I’m very adamant on the fact that I don’t think it brings about any real change, but rather only creates further divide and devils in sheep clothing.

“Sometimes, it happens in less than a few hours and BANG – a screenshot of the notes app posing as a sincere apology hits the web. Most times, we analyse its deduced sincerity and if it meets the agreed standards on the sincere apology meter, we take it, accept it and then we move on to the next target.”

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23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years.


This one might not be my most beautifully written or poetic post in terms of style, but if you want to get to me real fast, what better way to do so than through the lessons I deemed most important just a few months ago. The lessons were wide-ranging; some bittersweet, others hard-hitting inescapable truths. From dealing with toxic people, comparison online and travelling to people-pleasing, disability and bad tv shows – there is a lesson for everyone.

“At the age of 23, right now more than ever, I’m certain that life is a collection of ups and downs and every day is an opportunity to learn something new.”

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Left to my own devices I’d add a ton more posts on here mainly because I get so attached to the things I write. However, I feel as though I picked the ones that impacted me in a deep way which are vastly different from each other in terms of the topics they cover.

There’s always a lot more I think I can write about in vulnerable depth so I’m very interested in what this list would look like a year from now. Pretty sure it’s going to come in a blink of an eye. Hopefully, by then the world will look a bit less messy by then. Cheers!

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