Life Lately: The 7 Day Blogging Challenge, Celebration And More

Deep breaths. In… Out… Back in?

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it all makes a lot more sense when you think back to the fact that it took me months to decide I’d be doing a Sunday series on here. Plus, just because that seems to be going well doesn’t mean I’m not a tad bit anxious about what I’m about to do.

I feel like I thrive most when there is order. There’s a sense peace and calm I have when I know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it (aha, said the procrastinator in chief), which explains why for me this year has been a total rollercoaster of emotions, but today I’m set to do two things that lowkey high-key freak me out.

Firstly, by the time you’re reading this, I’ll be heading to my first hospital appointment since the beginning of the year amidst global pandemic, and if I didn’t deem it an important priority, frankly I’d be staying home; safe, in the comfort of my four walls, chilling out under my new cosy mustard blanket. But, yeah, I’m going, and not to cause further panic, but after my COVID scare last month… err I’m panicking. Of course, I’ll let you know how it goes.

The second thing that has me freaking out is a lot more exciting in nature, and after thinking about it till I couldn’t anymore, I decided to just dive right in and take on the challenge.

In exactly a week from today, the blog will be turning two years old (yaaayyy!) – how exciting!

I’m super thrilled to be celebrating another year writing vulnerable posts on here with you guys, but it’s also kinda scary to think that it has already been a WHOLE year since we last celebrated. 2020, has been one very memorable hard-hitting merciless blur of a year. Still, however, we ought to cherish our little wins, don’t we?

Back to the challenge, here is what I’ll be doing in the upcoming days prior to the grand celebration. I’ll be putting up a new blog post every. single. day. until next Tuesday!

Now, of course, I love to write and there’s nothing I enjoy more than to pour my heart out on a blank page, but I’m also a perfectionist when it comes to the things I write so it’s going to be a real experiment on letting go sooner than later I guess. On the other hand, I look forward to bringing out new content on a daily basis and cannot wait to engage with you guys even more regularly.

Now, this is where you come in. I announced yesterday on my Instagram profile that I’ll be answering some of your questions about my blogging experience, the highs and lows, and anything else you might be curious about. If you’d like to get involved feel free to leave your comment below or send me a DM on Instagram! Also, follow on there to get regular updates on what we’ll be doing.

Hopefully, you are as excited about what’s to come as much as I am. Let’s continue this ride together and see where it takes us. I don’t think it will be a place with all the answers, but perhaps, somewhere more hopeful.

Your restless romantic roamer

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  1. Good luck! I’ve been challenging myself to blog every day for a year (since June 2020) and so far it’s really made me push myself and get even more creative than I already feel like I am. I’m sure this challenge will show you a few things about yourself in the process 🙂

    1. Thank you. It’s only been a day and I can already tell managing my schedule well is going to be key if I’m planning on getting any sleep. I look forward to seeing how it goes. xx

  2. I hope your appointment went smoothly! Your fears are so completely valid – I had a few appointments postponed way back when, and am still waiting to hear when they’ve been rescheduled for, but honestly it’s been a relief. Sending lots of love to you and the happiest of blog birthdays!!

    1. Thank you hun! The hospital appointment went well. I think I might write a post about it for those who are anxious to go back within hospital walls cause for me I had so many things to contemplate.

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