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Aaaand just like that I’m back again shadowing the end of what has been a rather eventful couple of days around here. Blogging as often as I have this month, in the last week especially, has taught me so much about myself and this craft, and while I don’t think I’ll be committing to blogging daily anytime soon, I’ll definitely be ramping things on here up for sure.

The thing is I’ve been on a 7-day blogging challenge as the blog anniversary is TOMORROW. Can you believe it? TWO. WHOLE. YEARS! Two years of sharing naked emotions on the world wide web. Two years of having a public diary people flip through at any given moment. Two years of stacked-up folders on my desktop where plans and ideas lie. Two great years of having the most amazing companions on this journey, but more on all that tomorrow.

Last week, I began replying to some of the questions you guys sent me on Instagram. One was all about what motivates me to continue blogging, and the other was in regard to how I stay consistent and deal with procrastination. It’s been fun to delve into the things you guys are curious about so I thought I’d do it again before the challenge comes to an end. It won’t be a while till I do this, so I’ll be tackling two questions in this post.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Wants To Start Writing?

Question by Denise B.

The first thing to do would be to establish in what capacity you’d like to start writing. This is not necessarily to put yourself in a box and stop you from exploring other options, but mainly so you have a clear idea of your goals and direction.

Do you want to start a blog? Have you always wanted to write a book? Or do you simply want to start journaling to keep track of your emotional state? Is it for fun or as a pursuable source of income? Depending on the motives that guide you, you will be able to take various steps that can push you closer to where you want to be.

In terms of how to start, I think with some things you have to dive in headfirst and pray earnestly that they go well – as they say, JUST DO IT. Pick up that notebook, iPad or notes app and begin the process of jotting down your ideas, thoughts or opinions.

Have you attempted it yet or are your desires of being a bigshot writer living somewhere in Manhattan only a pipe dream that has never had even the slightest chance of coming true? When it comes to writing, just like with any other craft, you have to be in the habit of doing it regularly, so write, write, write.

A simple way to get comfortable with words is to get into reading. Read fiction, autobiographies, memoir, poems or blogs, anything you can get your hand on. That will not only widen your vocabulary but it will expand your viewpoints and approach when you pick your own pen.

Lastly, I would say it is important that you maintain your own individuality when you start writing. There are many writers out there, but while it is okay to get inspired by them, make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process.

How Do You Manage To Come Up With Ideas For Posts Each Week And Not Run Out?

Question by Benjamin Jr

One of my biggest fears, when I started blogging, was that I wouldn’t have enough to say over time. Again, that was the same fear I had when I decided I’d start blogging every Sunday. Needless, to say I’ve been making it work.
Just as I said earlier, I’m very comfortable with the idea of drawing inspiration, whether it be from things that happen to me, blog posts I read or current events happening in the world. It’s all about asking myself; ‘What do I want to say today?’. Some days I have a lot to say, other days I have nothing to say at all.

Recently, I wrote about writer’s block and why it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it happens, more times than I’d like it to and that is something I just have to deal with.

Every single idea that comes my way, I write down in a notebook and the ones I bring to life I tick off the list.

I think the more I write, the closer to a state of creativity I am, but there is also something significant that happens when I stop for a while to take life in again and form new ideas. I don’t know yet if I can say that it gets easier with time, but you do get used to the process of looking for the story to tell.

Thank you guys so much for participating in these posts; it’s been so cool to see how many of you are curious about what I do. Tomorrow is the big day, so keep your eyes peeled for a post bright and early.
I hope I have in some way inspired you to get started on something you’ve always wanted to. Who knows, you might soon look back to find that two years are already behind you – almost.

Your restless romantic roamer

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