ON SECOND THOUGHT – Dreams Are Never Enough

Rachy Lewis

I rarely ever get to enjoy the bliss that comes moments after I hit publish on a blog post. Sometimes, the journey to creating content I’m satisfied with is like climbing the steepest of stairs and getting to the finish line can sometimes come with a sigh of relief. Then the process starts again almost instantly; next idea, more content planning, more and more and then more again.
Each Sunday, I have to have a new post up and each weekend I go on a hunt for inspiration; at times I find it rather swiftly, and other times I rip ideas I give birth to as soon as they see the world. The process is never-ending, and yet it’s a routine I find so much joy in.

Last week, a few hours after I put up the post ‘Tomorrow Can Still Be A Good Day’, I received a message from a reader telling me how he really resonated with this line:

“I’m a strong believer that happiness is created, it doesn’t just land on anyone’s lap, so if you plan to make tomorrow a better day you might actually succeed. If you don’t, you can try again the next day.”

An instant smile found its way to my face as I stared at that message. Nothing makes me happier than to know that you guys not only take the time to read, but also found yourself represented with the words I write.

That phrase is still pretty relevant to me this week too because of the thoughts that have been roaming around my mind in the past few days…

It’s been almost impossible for me not to think about the person I used to be before this crazy year came around and tipped everything over. What did I want out of life? Did I desire much really intensely? What were my biggest dreams or goal? What ARE my biggest dreams?

Do you ever feel like somehow you are the only person on the planet who just hasn’t figured things out?

Growing up, they encourage us to dream big beyond the things we can currently reach and see. In fact, you start getting asked who you want to be by the time you are four as if you search for it before you truly understand life it will be bound to come true.
I’ve always had dreams too big to fit into the reality before me and sometimes I blame it on my ever too vivid imagination.

When you eventually have your ‘Oh, so this is life…’ moment that’s when you come to the realisation that dreams are just that; dreams.
Dreams are so fragile they can break easy with just a little fuss or a soft slap of reality, yet they are so forceful they can be the air we need to live.

I’m sure we’ve all had that ‘Oh so this is life’ epiphany by now, some faster than others, but at that point, you probably realised that your dreams don’t just come through because you want them to. It’s the moment the rosy bubble around you gets burst by a bitter sense of awareness. And there you have it; now you know you have to work hard for your dreams to have a fighting chance at overthrowing your current circumstances.

I’ve been thinking about old dreams lately, the ones that looked so beautiful in my head, but felt too massive to initiate execution. The ones I allowed reality to kick out my system and the ones I thought were so big for me I pushed them away. Those dreams still haunt me when I put my head on the pillow at night, whispering to me; ‘do not forget – you can’t forget.’

I guess today’s post, like many that came before, is really just a message from me to me – the pill is a bit easier to swallow when I take it in like this, with my own words, with my own craft.
Dreams are never enough, they never have been and they never will be. You need more than a charming dream to achieve the things you want; you need zeal, you need passion, you need endurance, but you also need to believe that if after your sweat and tears nothing good comes out of everything you invested, you’ll be okay because at least you tried!

In the end, dreaming without taking action is literally just fantasizing so whatever it is you’ve been thinking about as you read this, isn’t it time to act?

Your restless romantic roamer

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