ON SECOND THOUGHT – Focus On Your Own Time And Journey

This time last year was all a blur in my mind until I travelled down memory lane through old blog posts I wrote then. It was really weird to look at the words I wrote as I counted down enthusiastically to a new decade; turns out a lot of it feels oddly relevant to the year we just experienced (Yikes). I guess the phrase “be careful what you wish for” has never felt more poignant.

December. The time of year when the cold starts to numb your fingers and it seems like to you there are not enough layers you could possibly wear. Over the top Christmas decorations start to pop up in every street and you either join in to compete with your neighbours for the most extravagant décor, or you decide to leave it to the pros and the Christmas fanatics altogether.
At mine, we often put up the tree when it’s almost embarrassingly late to do so, so you can always be sure we are never the ones with flickering lights on by the end of November.

When this time of the year comes around, we also start to look back at the shadows of the months we had. It’s impossible not to do so; just like when the ending credits of a movie starts rolling and all the scenes that made you excited and emotional start flashing through your brain in an uncontrollable order.

Well, after the year we just had I’m pretty sure a lot of people can’t wait to see the year we welcomed with open arms that didn’t hesitate even a little to bite our fingers off be a thing of the past.

When you think back on 2020, what comes up in your mind? Are you thinking about all the things you thought you’d do or the times you were on the verge of actually losing it? Does your mind go back to the times when you had to rely on your creativity to make a day feel worthwhile or the countless goodies you baked in the kitchen just because you now had alllll the time in the world?

Maybe, like me sometimes, you’ll find yourself comparing the things you didn’t do or accomplish to the seemingly endless list of things others did.

Well – ON SECOND THOUGHT – today, I just thought I’d tell you something quite simple: focus on your own time and journey.
This year more than ever, I’m sure it will be truly easy to look back and compare your achievements to that of everyone else’s. Even though I stopped making long new year resolutions about two years ago, I still had things I wanted to accomplish in 2020 that just didn’t happen and getting caught up in those would be extremely easy to do. Instead, I’m choosing actively to not dwell on those as our advent calendars help us count down the days.

If you did exactly everything you thought you would this year despite the ups and downs and highs and low, well you deserve a whole applause. If for you nothing went as planned and you barely managed to catch your breath, do not hold it against yourself at all because getting this far alone is a big deal in itself. As I’ve said before You’ve Done Well So Far and Tomorrow Can Still Be A Good Day.

I feel like often we get caught up in what everyone else is doing that we forget that our life is designed to be different and our paths are often heading in opposite directions. Perhaps, you are not meant to be doing what others are – certainly, things won’t pan out the same way for everybody.

So, make plans, make lists and by all means, do get inspired by those around you, but focus on your own unique journey in the process. Compared to everyone else you will win differently, you will lose different, hurt and celebrate differently – remember that!

Your restless romantic roamer

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