ON SECOND THOUGHT – Does It Still Spark Joy?

As I write this, I’m sat on my bed cosied up with the mustard blanket I’ve kept at arms reach at all times for a couple of months now. LÉON’s voice is coming through the speaker on the opposite side of the room and I fight the urge to play ‘Seventeen’ for the fiftieth time today. I’ve considered putting the song on loop, but the sensible part of me accepts the fact that sooner or later as the album plays, it’s turn too will come. Something about patience being a virtue or whatever…

Last Sunday, I mentioned how our Christmas decorations always go up really really late. I’m happy to report that we finally put up the tree in the living room, and that plus all the Christmas tunes I’ve had on repeat has really lit up the mood by a whole lot. December feels like it’s racing away as quickly as we all hoped the year would, and while I’ve been enjoying the past few days a lot more than the many before, I’ve also been allowing myself to reflect more and more on the year we just had.

A lot of you might have noticed that compared to the beginning of the year, things around here have definitely slowed down a lot with exception to my Sunday posts. As days and weeks have gone by, I’ve found myself at a familiar crossroads once again and I’ve already begun weighing my options with mind and heart. Every once in a while, I find myself here; at a place where the thrill of chasing words on paper fades a little and I begin to question whether I continue to do it out of immense love or pure habit. Every now and then I like to ask myself: does it still spark joy?

I know, it’s very Marie Kondo-like in nature, but I think she was on to something that can be applied to more than the things you keep in cupboards or let go of. It was like that time I stopped to wonder whether red was still my favourite colour among other things, or the times I’ve felt triggered by an opposing view so much I felt the urge to scream at it, I feel like we have to constantly look inwards to find if we are somehow still being fulfilled by the things we do and believe, or whether we are just dancing the same tired beat.
I think I often feel like this whenever I’ve been in one place for too long or when I feel like I’m not growing or being challenged anymore. To me, it becomes a sign that perhaps it’s time to switch things up or move on to something else entirely.

And no, this is not an announcement at all, the blog will certainly be running for a long long time, instead, it is a way a bit of a heads-up that I may be taking some time in the future to figure out my next step.

My message to you this Sunday is quite simple. What is that thing in your life that needs a bit of a shake up? What have you been doing that has had you feeling like you’ve been running on an unstoppable treadmill; done spontaneously like a bad habit?

Perhaps, it’s time you change things up a bit and search for what lights up a spark in your little big heart.

Have a lovely Sunday and an amazing week ahead! x

Your restless romantic roamer

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