On Second Thought – The Blooming Season Will Find You Too

Rachy Lewis

Yesterday, marked the beginning of a new season. Spring has officially found us in our bare state and is set to colour our days ahead. Waking up to crispy air and a few cloudless mornings has been rather healing in many ways almost like the world is pushing you out of bed to ensure you get the most out of your day. Daylight has been marking its territory and darkness has been fleeing like a robber in the night.

If I had to choose, I’d say this has always been my favourite season for so many reasons other than the fact that it hosts my birth month. Spring is very much a shift to all things youthful and vivid. It is a concrete time-lapse footage that takes you from a constant frigid and stale atmosphere, cardigans on loop and pure hibernation to cotton candy sunsets, chilly beverages and short flowy dresses.
The new season represents all middle grounds; nothing too cold, nothing burning hot or extreme. I love how transitional the blossoming period feels; like you are about to step into something wildly passionate and intensely alive. Spring is the deep breath before the big jump, and there is something magical about being able to stop, look around and take stock of what you are about to get into.

This time last year, the pandemic had just found its feet while we were struggling to keep our balance. It was as though a bleak winter had come without the warning signs of falling leaves and we were expected to have all our gears ready, both physically and mentally. No one had it all figured out, the unthinkable reality was upon us and there was barely any time to think… wait, maybe there was too much time. Too much time to wonder, and that we did do until our thoughts overflowed. So much time to create, and we did until our pens ran dry – for some that happened sooner than later so they either went fishing for new ideas or they pretended they still had leftover ink to play with.

We danced to the same drum day in and out till the beat made us sick, but what can you do when you have no choice but to dance, and dance, and dance? We searched for holes in the walls or pocketed windows we could look through. Each ray of light or minuscule glimmer of hope was enough to appease our anxious hearts for a moment, but it never seemed to last long before the next shoe dropped. The only thing that seemed to last was the wait. And we waited, waited and waited for better things ahead.

It’s been a year of waiting and counting down the days till when we will no longer have to live on edge. There seems to be a lighter mood in the air; a mix between greedy expectancy and cautious optimism. Some days it feels like we’ve taken two steps forward and the next six back. Some people have packed a bag full of desire and bikini sets for their booked summer holiday to Ibiza. Others have bought new loungewear to add to their growing collection – it’s better to err on the side of caution they say.

And me? Where do I stand?

Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis

I’m mildly optimistic as I navigate the everyday. I’m quite glad things seem to be moving ahead, but I’m not holding my expectations hostage to the possibilities, whether they be limited or endless.
I’m sure this period will be quite triggering for a lot of people, but I thought I’d just remind you that no matter how long it’s been, all seasons do eventually come to a close and another carries on.

I want to see this period just as I do spring; a transition into something so alive it bursts with passion. Yes, it does feel like we’ve been daydreaming about the life we had before last March for too long now, and perhaps you are even starting to forget what ‘normalcy’ even was. There are days I sit and try to trace my steps back to the life I once had. Sometimes, I recall clear as day, but others exist like fragmented pieces of memory that fade in and out depending on how the wind blows.

If you are feeling tired of running like a hamster on a wheel with little to no energy, just remember that the blooming season will find you too. Someday, hopefully soon, the clouds will clear and give way to something lucid and bright. Flowers will rise once again from places we forgot they used to be. One after another, they will creep on us until we are surrounded in every corner by a congregation of them.
In springtime, we are also bound to experience the rain as it pours down uncontrollably without fear of drying up to its last drop, and that is a fact we may have to endure a little longer, but good things can still happen in rainy seasons.

In the next couple of weeks make sure you step outside to take more walks so you can catch a glimpse of nature as it transforms slowly and allow yourself to feel the sunlight as it kisses your bare skin. Transitions may be hard and uncomfortable, but they always take you a step further, and that’s what we need; a step in the right direction.

Your restless romantic roamer

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