A Little Catch Up (Happy Holidays!)

Rachy Lewis in London

It’s been a hot minute folks… Or rather, a very cold one around here, but I guess it’s that time of year so complaining would be no use.
Once again this year, I logged off the internet momentarily and haven’t seen you in a little while, so I thought I’d pop by to tell you what I’ve been up to lately.

The holiday season is finally upon us, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying days off work glued to the TV whilst eating plate after plate. These last couple of days have been a breath of fresh air; a welcome break from what was becoming an unhealthy cycle of days that were repeating over and over as a song stuck on a loop would. I seriously needed to escape from my daily life and routine so that’s exactly what I did. Heck, I even went away to London for a few days as some of you would have seen clips of my adventures over on my Instagram stories.

It was my first time leaving Manchester since the merciless 2020 pandemic started which was kind of a big deal. Thankfully, I had accumulated various days away from work, so I thought it was time to push myself a little further away than a 5-mile radius from my home. With that determination, my sister and I picked the best days in December and booked our trains to Euston station.

It felt good to look forward to something a bit bigger than dinner on a Friday night. I could recognise that distinct rush I was once accustomed to feeling every year when I’d pack up boxes overflowing with clothes I knew I wouldn’t get to wear, or board afternoon flights where I’d yearn for terrible aeroplane food I’d almost always regret soon after.

Rachy Lewis in London

Waiting for days to pass was unbearable, and having to clock off work daily till the big day drew nearer and nearer was rather painful. At last, even though time sometimes seems like it’s ticking in slow motion, its pace is the one thing that’s not entirely rigged and so the time did come for the big day when my sister and I would hop on the train we had counted down days for. Looking forward to something big for a long time means every part of you is ready to enjoy and take in a new experience, but with that, there’s also a good chance things may not go your way or you may be faced with challenges you did not anticipate along the way…

Anyways, I’m super well-rested now and will be back soon with more details and photos from our London adventures.

I’m sure you’re all in the holiday spirit so I won’t interrupt it any further. Perhaps, you’re like me and still trying to get the last few gifts in before the big weekend ahead, hence, I’ll bid you goodbye here for now.
Make sure to stay safe out there no matter what, whether you’ll be alone, with a few or with many. I know it’s rough out there and at the moment the guidelines are still unclear. The past two years have not been easy on anybody and while we can only hope for the best, and do our best, there’s no telling what the future holds. Therefore, try to cherish every moment this season and have a merry and lovely time. Happy Holidays my friend!

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