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Bitesize Wonders 01

You know those moments when you stop right in your tracks and decide you have to catch something and hold it in the palm of your hand. Like how you would stretch your hand out the window to capture a grain of the first free-falling snow of the year or that moment when you silently try to trap a bug roaming free between your fingers. At that critical moment, you concentrate; your heart and your eyes moving at the same pace.
You must get it. You just have to, and you don’t feel satisfied until you do.

Similarly, this year I decided I wanted to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page.

Often, I felt like that bug, buzzing around and around, never quite intentionally stopping to stare or look around. I was going everywhere yet nowhere at all. I was allowing the snow to bury me deep under instead of walking above it, making excuses instead of trying harder, going on a path that was further from home each day. Of course, I got lost in the process.

I decided not to let negativity consume me this year. One of my main goals and intentions this year is to practice gratitude intentionally. It was time I decided I could no longer sit around and watch my cup become more and more empty. I had to fill it up again each time with all the good things I could actually see. I had to be grateful for the little things making me even an ounce of happy.
Now every week, I sit by my bed and write them down in black ink and tattoo them on a smooth page. I write them out to remember them clearly, those moments of magic and trap them on a page. As promised, here are a few of my not so little Bitesize Wonders this week:

There you go, those were my Bitesize Wonders of the week. What were yours? Was there anything that made the corners of your lips go up a little?
No matter what they were or however little they may seem, stop a moment and appreciate them for what they were, those unexpected Bitesize Wonders.

Your restless romantic roamer

Photos taken in London, UK



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