Photo Diary: A Stroll Through Greenwich, London

It’s been too long since I put my passport to good use. With time it’s slowly gotten buried deep underneath a pile of other things that have come to be much more useful in the past few years. It will probably see the light of day when I decide it’s time for a big clean up. Perhaps, I’ll find it when I finally need to fly away to some place sunny in winter or when I want to recall what my passport picture looked like – funny, it was the first one I’ve ever liked even a little.

I got to scratch my itch to travel a bit last month when I visited London for my second time. No passports were needed, nor did I need to fly any low-budget planes to get there. A two-hour train got me there in no time, but it was some much-needed time away from rainy Manchester so that counts, right?

Exploring London in a cold December didn’t go quite as smoothly as we’d hoped it would when we purchased our tickets with crazy excitement. Whilst a lot of it was fun, much of the trip was also very messy and at times it seemed things wouldn’t just work out for the best. By the end of it all though, I had gotten a taste of the things I missed about my trips in the past which were often imperfect beautiful memories I still cling to.

My sister and I stayed at my brother’s place in Greenwich which was perfect for commuting as he lives seconds away from the station.
Greenwich was our bridge into the centre of London which we were on a mission to conquer. We’d often go from the apartment to the station and into the big buzzing touristy locations. It was only later we discovered we made a mistake.

If I could re-do the trip, which luckily wouldn’t be impossible, I’d choose to explore Greenwich deeper and discover the beauty it hides. It was not until one of our last days there, in a rush to against time, we took a long stroll around Greenwich and regretted we did not do so sooner. My brother took us around on his day off and although we only got to roam around on a superficial level due to time constraints, it was obvious Greenwich had so much to offer and we were just scratching the very surface.

Since my trip to Montreal, I haven’t posted a Photo Diary so I thought I’d share with you my favourite shots from our 4-hour stroll around Greenwich. I’ll buzz off now – I know you came for the pictures anyway!

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