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Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis

It feels like the week flashed before my eyes and I’m already here once again ready to share with you my little big joys in the past few days.

There are weeks that are a lot to handle. Mondays that throw you in the eye of a storm and have you praying for the weekend in a chant-like manner. The week I had was everything but that.
I was rather relaxed and the hours at work flew by too thanks to the January stillness keeping clients in blissful hibernation. I got to tick some things off my to-do list, enjoy guilt-free takeouts and impromptu shopping sprees whilst passing through the city centre.

Something that has been keeping me going these days is the fact that I’ve so far been successfully keeping up with my goals and intentions for 2022.
Whilst I don’t necessarily regret it, being someone who used to be vocally anti-new-big-plans every single new year, I can’t help but wonder how adopting the current attitude I have would have positively influenced my mental health and happiness… Now, of course, it’s too early to tell for how long I’ll be able to keep this up, I mean, we are still very much in the genesis of the new year, but I feel as though I’m on to something. Having a clear direction of where I want to go and what I want to be doing has really given me the drive to actually put things into motion, both big and small.

As you know, this year I’ve decided to practise gratitude intentionally and often in an attempt to shake off the negativity that was building a fortress in me for so long. I’m on a mission to regularly catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page. It’s been quite something, stopping to notice the little big things making me even an ounce of happy on a day-to-day basis. Today also, it excites me to share with you my Bitesize Wonders.

  • Cosy socks straight out of the dryer that hug my feet and shield them from biting ice-cold degree celsius. A January necessity.
  • Catch-up chats with a friendly uber driver I hadn’t seen in a while on my way back to work. He asked why I wasn’t singing along to the song coming through the radio. My head was in the clouds and those words brought me back to the moving car. We chatted about life, the new world we live in and its insane metamorphosis from what used to be normal to ridiculously bizarre in the last two years. We found laughter in the mess then parted ways.
  • I’m guessing the 20th of January is pretty late to take down the Christmas tree, but who cares? It was exactly at noon I finally took down mine. The ornaments went back into the storage box and back into the shed. The tree which was now barely standing on its feet after a couple years of good use had to be let go off finally. R.I.P nameless one – we had a good run, didn’t we?
  • Time can really drag in waiting rooms, especially when one arrives over half an hour earlier than their scheduled doctor’s appointment. The clock that moves by a mere second every time you look up and a smile that turns upside down every time the door opens, and the name called does not resemble your own. I found a bitesize wonder in that pocket of time. The source of giggles and clumsy laughter hidden in my small purse is digital pages flipped on my Kindle Paper White. In that waiting room a light-hearted story is unfolding effortlessly and only I know it.
  • Late nights sat on the couch with my sister watching Our Beloved Summer which is easily becoming one of my favourite Korean dramas on Netfix. A story about hasty young love that blossomed in good weather, grew thorns as time passed and seasons changed. Dreams versus reality. Pride and good old heartbreak. Countless words left unsaid. A wholsome viral documentry to record that pulls our main characters back together. Our Beloved Summer has definately been a source of joy in the last couple days.
  • Getting a facial wax is an ‘ouch’ out loud type of experience that leaves me red in the face (literally!), but the smoothness on my chin is a joy I’ll gladly cry for.
  • Purchasing various colours of the same hoody takes my oversized hoody obsession to a new level. Can one ever have too many oversized hoodies?
  • The airy scent of a decluttered room. I spent my day off on Thursday re-arranging and clearing out my bedroom of things that no longer served a purpose. I got rid off the shoes piling up above my wardrobe I’d never ever have worn ever again and I finally created more space like I had said I would.
  • The smart lightbulb my sister got me for Christmas. It is a perfect night light as it perfectly merges into a kaleidoscope of colours that make me drift off into a dream. Plus, now my lazy ass doesn’t need to lift a finger to turn the light switch on or off. I no longer grunt annoyingly when I’m laying in bed as comfortably as ever and realise I forgot to turn off the switch. From the comfort of my bed, with sleepy eyes, I murmur the words I now live by: “Hey Google, turn off the light”

Have a lovely week filled with Bitesize Wonders! x

Your restless romantic roamer

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